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  • Nurses as well as everybody have a right to say no to the covid vaccine. Since Joe Biden will withhold funding from hospitals who’s staff refuse to take the vaccine of course hospitals are going to terminate those that don’t. When GOD created us he gave us an immune system that works! The government is trying to take away our religious freedom and our right to think for ourselves. That is what this is all about. Those brave nurses were on the frontlines working with patients who had covid way before a vaccine was even thought of and should have the right to decide what they put into their bodies. I personally would like to see every nurse in America to unionize and walk out. Then what would hospitals do. Way to go Joe! You don’t deserve to breathe the same air we breathe.

      • If every nurse in every hospital called in for the “white fly” (their uniform not the color of their skin for the racist among you) this would all be over in two to three days. Will some people die as a result? Yes, Colaterial damage in a war for freedom. Better a few hundred now than millions later.

        • …..even the “vaccinated” or those who believe in the “vaccine” need to stand up for freedom to choose. What is happening to the “unvaccinated” now is the same thing that will be happening down the road, when you are reluctant to get that 8th stamp on your vaccination passport to save your job.

    • …..there are a lot more unwilling to take the death jab than they are letting on. Marginalising them and putting them out of work, discriminating against them and being blatant about it ….not a great idea. Very soon a very large group of people (millions) are going to have nothing left to lose. Think about it. They are not going to be spending the rest of their lives eating your shit. They know the commie government, the medical establishment and MSM are lying. You think they are in the minority ….what does that matter ….so many of the “vaccinated” will be busy at work, trying to hold on to their jobs. Looking at getting the sack if they don’t take booster number 7.

  • Follow the science?? The science clearly shows the shots are dangerous and deadly – deadly, far beyond any acceptable level!!!!

        • My Engineering Degree told me the same thing. I’m not in medicine but I know how to look at and validate information. These people don’t follow the science they are telling you to follow. Then reason is because their science is fake science.

      • yea they are the best. So good why don’t you get ten. aftercall graphene oxide is good for you and so are those little spike proteins are super good to eat as well. Yum Yum is so satisficing
        and they make you smart as well.

      • No, they are not. Multiple problems from neurological issues to cardiac issues to deaths. “Long term” studies dont end until ’23 and are among shortest ever to be considered acceptable….most are 5-7-10 years.

      • It’s truly sad–pathetic even==to see the effects of government propaganda displayed so openly by the willfully ignorant (yes, that’s you Robert King), when even a little casaul hunt for the Truth (even on the Leftist controlled Google) will dispell the Big Lies. Yet people who probably think of themselves as “smart” and “informed” continue to avoid the knowledge of Natural Immunity, that it Works wonderfully; that it’s incredible mechanism(s) are how the Human Race has survived throughout tens of thousand of years–overcoming all manners of disease and pestilence from bacterium, viruses, and even Politicians.

      • You’re a moron, these shots don’t even work, not to mention the vaccine issues w/ blood clots, heart problems and detroying the immune system and T cells. Just because you drank the kool aid and kissed Biden and Fauci’s butt checks makes you in the majority of the stupid masses.

  • Be patient, they will be calling you back. Just as soon as the illness and ‘die off’ begins among those that took the jab. You will be a ‘clean’ commodity in high demand.

    • I was just in a hospital this weekend. One of the nurses that took care of me is a travel nurse, she said that travel nurses make a whole lot of money and are in high demand. I wholeheartedly do not agree with this F’d up vaccine mandate BS. Who the F cares if someone is vaccinated or not, if this was so great why would anyone care if the person next to you has or hasn’t been your protected? Not, seems the studies in Israel and Great Britain have shown that more vaccinated(?) people are catching the wuhan flu than the un-vaccinated. Have these bureaucrats ever heard of natural immunity?

    • ….poor bastards who are forced to take it and see no other choice. Rent, mortgage, debts, families to feed. Some are so terrified of losing their job they will take it. So many victims from mandating this poison. MSM coming from the other side 24/7 with their pro jab propaganda. Selling the jab which they know fuck all about ….disgracing themselves and wrecking lives.

  • I have been on the waiting list for a double organ transplant but because I refuse the vaccine, for multiple reasons, including that my physical health is at risk, I hear that people all over the U.S. are being denied organ transplants. It has been reported by Tucker Carlson on FOX News. So my options, because I’m in California, are 1) get the vaccine(which will kill me) so I can get my transplants or 2)don’t get the vaccine and don’t get the organs I need to live…. guess I’m f’ked…

    • Wow…that’s so incredibly hard…I can’t imagine… Hopefully people will regain their senses and fight back against this. It’s a violation of personal rights and freedoms, not to mention evil.

    • My condolences to you for being in the Nazi State of Kalifornia. I can’t believe that the Californians are so stupid as to not recall that idiot Governor.

      • Albert, you took the words right out of my mouth. There’s a tidal wave of folks fleeing California. Leave while you can! RUN don’t walk.

        • The biggest problem is that there really isn’t many places you can go. My one sacing grace is that I have LTC insurance that heeps me out of hospitals and nursing facilities. Alas my friends who thought I was wasting my money are now all dead because when they took their vaccines as instructed, when they tookm sick, they ALL died in those hospitals and nursing homes. Now I only have memors of them as I sit in my own home watching the days go by. If you want to vaccinate and wear a mask that’s fine by me. Just don’t expect me to join you in this mass insanity devoid of any real science.

    • (curse words come flowing out of my mouth) The decisions are made by administrators with zero medical training. The driving forces are economic as the Feds and some states will not pay if the hospital doesn’t toe the line.
      In med school, one of my first classes was ‘The Ethical Practice of Medicine’. In law school, the very first class is ‘Billable hours and How to Make Them Work for You’

    • You’re not alone. I am unvaccinated, have a serious medical condition and I choose to die before I’ll comply and end up dying anyway. I swore to die for Freedom , my nation, my God and my Constitution when I volunteered to go to Vietnam where I was poisioned by my government. Even though at that time no one knew what I was exposed to would affect me 50 years later. It was an oath I swore willingly and it’s still an oath I adhear to today. Hang in there friend, it’s almost over for humanity anyway and if you just stand fast you’ll get your eternal reward where others won’t because they gave it away. God knows what He’s doing.

  • Has anyone looked at why all these unscientific numbskulls want you to take the jab?
    The numbers are great but they don’t include the “virus”. You see the fear of the virus IS the virus.

    Like the masks that don’t do squat and have no scientific support, people continue to wear them because they are disconnected from logic. The inability to think for themselves has cost them much.

    I urge everyone to disconnect from the FAKE NEWS mainstream media and do your own research. I have, I have never worn a mask and I won’t get a jab.

  • I won’t go into my problem. But they tried to terminate me. Im 70 years young and work as a part time maintenance man at a senior mobile home park. I have worked every day 6 hours, 5 days a week through the enter pandemic. The only place I wore a mask was in the hardware store and the grocery store. People at the park would invite in to their homes to inspect, repair, items. I had a mask on my cart but was never asked to wear it. As recently as 4 weeks ago . 2 seniors in their 80s had me in their home not knowing they had covid. I stated to them that perhaps they might want to check with a doctor. They did and were told to isolate for 14days. My boss as recently as 2. Week ago contacted C19. We worked in close proximity to each other. . I started home testing when she became ill. Still negative. But she got the shots as did the 2 eighty year olds an one other in the park that is 102 YO.
    So I will not take the shot. Because Biden and Kamala during the campaign that they did not trust the shot and neither should I. ( I’m joking of course). I have said I would take the shot in 2024 when all the testing is completed and the results are in. Until then Fauci and his ilk can suck a big banana.

  • You can go to just about any hospital and get a job. The hospitals enforcing this are suffering staff shortages which will turn into insufficient care issues. There are no qualified people to fill these voids.

    Do not get that “non-vaccine” under any circumstance.

    • I have blood cancer. So far it is treatable, but since many people are suffering blood issues with the shot, I will not get it. And since forcing it on everyone is a violation of rights, I would not get it anyway. Sad that Americans are so gullible as to not see that it’s all about control of everyone and income for Big Pharm.

  • Americans we need to reunite and stand up for ourselves. No matter what color we are we are Americans. Our Government and jobs are stepping over the line. We need to show our disdain. That vaccine is dangerous and it has killed a lot of Americans as a lot of Americans are messed up for the rest of their lives. Is stupid that we are fighting each other as if some want to be vaccinated than do it. Some don’t want to be vaccinated. We are the ones that our Govt is lying to us about Covid-19 as it is a bad flu. That is all it is. Democrats made this up to thwart the election. The flu didn’t take a vacation nor did it vanish. Our govt thinks we are stupid and we are not. We need to raise holy hell.

  • This world under Biden has gone bat shit crazy. The Supreme Court needs to decerify the 2020 election and put Trump back in charge .

      • When the balloon goes up they will face a mob the likes no one has seen before. I am think it will happen in mid to late November. We’re already seeing shortages of food in our grocery stores, mainly because of fuel. Farmers can’t grow and harvest it. Industry can’t package it and send it to distribution warehouses. The warehouses can’t sell what they can’t get. Those who still work have a tough time getting to work on empty bellies and high cost of fuel. I figure that before Thanksgiving gasoline will be about $8 per gallon, no food in the stores and more people are out of work and then we’re ripe for a bloody revolution. This can’t continue to go on forever. Better get right with God because He’s your only salvation in the end.

    • Ooops.
      Sorry, Glenda, but it’s best you NOT put any of your trust in the SCOTUS. They are only lawyers in black robes. They do NOT care about the Constitution, they worship PRECEDENT which means that they must uphold the mistaken rulings of their predecessors (just lawyers in black robes) rather than The Supremen Law of the Land.

  • We feel this nurse is 100% justified in her stance and hope she sues the pants off the corrupt politically ignorant hospital administration. There are a plethora of problems with this vaccine and even more suspicious activity involving the withholding of proven effective medications from patients here in America that are working exceedingly well in many other companies. Take them to court, Young Lady, you are right and will win.

  • Working through the pandemic with no vaccine is stupid and reckless. It shows a complete disregard to the safety of others. You have the right not to get vaccinated and they have the right to fire. You don’t have the right to put others in danger and that she is doing by not vaccinating. Get Vaccinated save a life, “God” is not on your side.

    • If you want to vaccinate to protect yourself have at it. Just don’t expect me to vaccinate to protect you who, if you believe them. is already immune. You don’t care about me or my life. Why should I protect you when obviously you only care about yourself? Are you really thinking the vaccine really doesn’t work and since misery loves company you want me to vaccinate to protect you? Show me where God says that humanity should vaccinate. Sorry you’re not the Pope and even He does not have the authority to speak for job and, according to God, YOU have no right to judge or condemn anyone. Get thee behind me Satan.

    • How about this chicken little. Stay your frightened behind in self isolation. You may get into a car accident, get mugged, shot, knifed. As far as California standards go everything causes cancer and death. You are doomed no matter what. P.S. There is no cure for the common cold which is what? A Corona virus genius. Run and hide coward

    This covid ‘jab’ is NOT a Vaccine.
    It is experimental Gene Therapy.
    Those who take this injection are the Lab Rats.
    It does not prevent infection. It does not prevent transmission.
    It is no longer even able to prevent hospitalization or Death.
    Its limited protection largely wears off within 6 months.
    Those who took it are now Jab Junkies for life, however long that may be.
    They can look forward to a lingering, slow death from a palette of prion diseases
    and autoimmune disorders.

    Phony ‘vaccine mandates’ are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    Phony ‘vaccine passports’ are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Corrupt officials who promote these policies are not only Un-American, they are TRAITORS.


  • They will only listen to and react to…one thing……that is violence. Paper signs, reasoning, rationales, letters from lawyers, lawsuits in front of beholden judges, waiting for the tide to turn, etc……none of that will make these leftists change. We must begin to pick them off in the dark of night, one by one – security, hospital admin, government reps….the whole lot of them. When they fear us, they will listen to us. THEY DO NOT FEAR YOU!!!…..that is the problem.

    • And then you become just like them or worse. I still don’t believe violence is the solution and, no, I don’t have the answer, only know what you propose will make things much worse. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • Those in the Alamo didn’t feel that way. If they had you wouldn’t be in Texas today. I don’t like violence either but there are times when it’s necessary. But you go ahead and fall on your own sword Saul. You know what’s best for you and since I’m not involved in that I won’t mind a bit.

        • I understand your point, but they were being violently attacked by the Mexican army so it’s kind of a different situation. Yes, the PTB are most definitely attacking what’s left of this great nation in attempt to bring it down, but political, social, economic warfare is one thing and violence is…well, violence. I’ve had the same feelings and thoughts about ‘Get ‘Em!’ as any other red blooded, patriotic American so I’m no Saul. I just think, if it does come to that, it’s all over anyway and there’s nothing salvageable at the end of that.

    • Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. It is a book about the government and corrupt ATF going after gun rights, but the patriots do exactly what you mention. No war. No mass riots. Just patriots sniping those guilty of treason and violating our rights,,,one at a time. They have to be more afraid of us than we are of them. It is the ONLY way to stop this tyranny when the elections and courts are corrupt. The alternative is tyranny or civil war.

  • I am a retired nurse and feel sorry for those still working. This mess was created by science and we are now their Petri dish.

  • St. Vincents hospital in Jacksonville Florida is doing the same kind of crap. They are telling people that if they do not get vaccinated they may not get services there. What happened to take care of people, no matter what? What is wrong with these people.

    If you live in Jacksonville, Fl, tell St. Vincents what you think of their idiocy by choosing ANY of the many other hospitals in the area.

    This bs will only get worse and worse until people start pushing back.

    • The governor really needs to get WAY more active stopping this crap. I know he is on our side, but restraint and getting things legally perfect will not defeat an enemy that cares not for anything legal and resorts to riots and violence to get their way.

  • Fuck these Hospitals. Termination with no notice is illegal. And have a great time caring for patients with no employees morons

  • I’m sorry that I don’t have skin in the game. I’m retired already, but I support your choice of freedom from the shot!!

  • Pretty and a Stand Up lady. I will pray for these people who are being let go because they refuse the vax.

  • Whoa. My feel is that this is happening a lot more than anyone in the LSM will ever admit. Make them fire you. No matter what, don’t resign, quit or otherwise voluntarily leave. Show up and try to sign in. Make them escort you off campus. Eventually, they will resort to violence. Be prepared.
    Hospitals are not private companies. They accept Federal and State funds and, as such, are public institutions. As long as you are not creating a disturbance, they cannot legally throw you out. Yes, they will attempt to bully you into leaving and even call the police to have you removed. Ask for a reason for being ejected, for a reason why you are being arrested. Do not be rude, do not curse or resist. Make sure your family knows what you are doing otherwise the JBTs will ‘disappear’ you.
    I don’t know and will never know your name but you are my hero.

    • I believe eventually those that refuse and bide their time will eventually get their day in court when the truth really comes out. Once the truth about the vaccines is known and the courts rule these mandates Unconstitutional, these patriots will be rewarded. Until then, it’s going to get rough.

  • Was not that long ago that Ma Harris and Traitor Joe were the ones saying they would not get the shot because Trump made them happen happened at the debate heard them say it my self now you will loose your job and soon they will put you in jail.The country has gone crazy what with senile prez a vice prez that no one knows where she is a fat assed out of control general a cry baby Sec of state a woke liar sec of defense a senile old witch running the house a mafia thug in charge of the senate out of control FBI that has turned into the gestapo can it get any worse?Bet your sweet bippy it can and will.

  • If the vax is so great then a) why is big pharma being shielded from legal retribution? b) why is there such a push to shame people into getting a completely untested drug injected into their body? c) why are 70 people a DAY (on average here in US) dying from such a wonderful drug?

    F*ck Joe Biden!

  • Hypothetically speaking, I wonder how long they would keep this BS up if people just started popping them when this BS came out of their mouths? At the least the position of telling this BS to people would be a very HARD position to fill.

  • The shot is not needed. Ivermectin has proven now to work. Time for lawsuits to start on our corrupt Pharm and people like Fauci. Politicans also started this illegal firings.

  • Pretty simple. Organize and strike. While I realize that most in the profession are in it to help others, when you are being now portrayed as monsters for not vaccinating after being praised as heroes when there was none, it’s time to stand up. Between the health care workers and the Teamsters, this would be ended in a week by them simply walking off the job. How stupid can politicians get firing professionals from a field that is SEVERELY understaffed?

  • take the shot, you Honkey Bitch

    yes, the vaccine will kill, or greatly shorten the life of anyone taking it. but also notice that very few Blacks are taking the vaccine. so when all you fascist Krackers die off, only the Black Race will remain.

    we win

    • Whoa, that’s insane thinking, and this would be good why? You deem that winning? My hope is you are trying to be funny.


      Well, ya sickle cell suckers, only if you can put down the fried chicken and 40s.


  • Stand up for your Constitutional Freedoms. Just say NO! If everyone that feels the mandatory vaccinations are wrong would unite in solidarity and take two ways off from work and say, @No, we won’t vaccinate, the nation would stop worling and the communists of this nation would get the message. Parents, you did homeschool for a year and survived. Tell the school boards and teachers “no.” We already have a shortage of nurses and medical personnel. So Nurses and doctors should strike and walk off the job. Are you stupid drones that just do what you are told to do? Or are you rationally thinking people who can think on your own? “Oh but I need the job/money.” Really? What you going to do when they ration your food and it isn’t enough to go around? What good will all your tech toys and fancy cars do when you can’t go anywhere and there is no fuel to heat, cook or cool your homes with? You’ll put up with the inconvenience then and won’t be free to do anything about it as you are now a slave to the state. Wouldn’t it be better and less tramatic if you just stood up and fought for your rights now, before you and your families are starving and you’re too weak to do anything?5 years ago none of you ever thought something like this could happen. 15 years ago the people of Vensuela thought the same thing and look at where they are now. It’s happening here and most of America just swallows the stupidity.

  • These bastards will regret that they took the Jab with their last dying breath while the young nurse tells them goodby and good riddance.

  • well done, nurses. 1/2 the nation supports you and soon your vaxed coworkers will need your care. You can rub it in their faces then, or just leave them to what they asked for. Don’t feel guilty about it either. You can’t save s t u p i d from themselves.
    And thanks for supporting unvaxed.

  • ……there is no vaccine. There is only an experimental DNA therapy. How can someone be compelled to accept that on pain of losing their job? The world is going to shit.

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Satellite Strife: Starlink’s Role in Ukraine Conflict Raises Strategic Concerns

Doubts and Demands: President Biden’s Mental Fitness Sparks Controversy and Calls for Action

Tucker: The Ukraine canceled elections and killed an American journalist. Congress wants to give them another $60 billion

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Hospitalized Again: Health Update and Preparedness Measures

Trump Calls for Overhaul of U.S. Foreign Aid: A Shift Towards Loans and Strategic Conditions 👍

Navigating the Complex Tapestry: Understanding Latino Voters and Immigration Realities

Carlson’s Moscow Odyssey: Exclusive Meetings with Snowden and Reade Unveil Intriguing Dimensions of Exile 🤔

Here are 5 minutes that show exactly why the special counsel noted Biden’s diminished mental fitness 🔥

Illegals Before Americans: Denver Mayor Unveils Budget Cuts Amid Soaring Costs of Illegal Immigration

Senate Struggles: Balancing Military Aid to Ukraine and Border Security Amidst Partisan Divide. They passed it! 🙄

Indiana Joins Multi-State Effort in Deploying National Guard Troops to Support Texas Border Security

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week

Senator Hawley Urges 25th Amendment Action or Charges Against President Biden Amid Handling of Classified Documents Controversy 🤔

Political Tides Turning: Democrats Face Historic Decline in Support Among Key Demographics

Sheriff met with FBI and is sounding the alarm on terrorist attacks about to happen… 🤔

The Senate Showdown: Debating Drug Prices, Capitalism, and Healthcare Complexity

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Shakes Up U.S. Senate Race with Unexpected GOP Candidacy

Media Meltdown Over Joe Biden Labeled “Elderly Man with Poor Memory” by Special Council Report – Mark Dice

Controversy Surrounds Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Campaign: FEC Complaints, Super PAC Allegations, and a Battle for Ballot Access

ICYMI: President Biden Addresses Classified Document Controversy in Unprecedented Press Conference

Advancing Supplemental Bill Amidst Border Debates and International Aid Challenges

Kennedy explains how we screwed over Russia, we lied, and they had to move into Russian areas in Ukraine 🤔

President Biden’s Mix-ups and Fitness Concerns: Unraveling the Confusion As Trump Speaks In PA

Unraveling the Trump Organization Fraud Case: Perjury Negotiations and Judicial Challenges 🤔

DOJ’s Directive Sparks Outcry Over Destruction of Evidence in Alleged Illegal Late-term Abortions


Just Out: Tucker – Ep. 73 The Vladimir Putin Interview 🔥🔥

Joe Biden Just ENDED His Career… MANY clips, analysis. Who will replace him?

Author Marianne Williamson Suspends 2024 Presidential Bid: A Reflection on Spiritual Insights, Failed Traction, and Impactful Ideas

Federal Judge Rejects Trump’s Mistrial Request in E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case Amidst Key Evidence Controversy

George Santos’ Seat: Partisan Politics and Immigration Crisis Take Center Stage in District 3 Congressional Race

President Trump on Supreme Court, election, plus a few clips from the court right now… Full Audio too 🛑

Biden Gears Up for NYC Fundraiser with Obama and Clinton Amidst Competitive Reelection Landscape

Biden set to get MILLIONS of illegal votes… even illegals say they are voting for him. Here’s how – ALERT all Republicans🔥

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