Trump’s Biggest Critic Having a Change a Heart! 😂 Latest Polls… Trump Wins - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Trump’s Biggest Critic Having a Change a Heart! 😂 Latest Polls… Trump Wins

NATIONAL POLL: Morning Consult PRES: (R) Trump 44% (+3) (D) Biden 41% — Another candidate 10% Undecided 5% —— GOP PRES: Trump 66% (+53) DeSantis 13% Haley 9% Ramaswamy 7% Christie 3% 5855 RV | 3,619 R LV | 11/17-19  Morning Consult

Latest polls…

New Morning Consult ties the largest lead ever for Trump in their national poll, one in which he never led in 2020. It’s potentially more significant with context. Final MC 2022 Generic Ballot: Democrat +6 Final MC 2020 National: Biden +8 Final MC 2020 state polls grossly favored Biden. Would be interested to know if they retooled their methodology since either 2020 or 2022, or both.  Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit”

  • Poll: Trump Holds Seven-Point Lead Over Biden (Exclusive) – The Messenger – Jason Miller
  • Most voters think Joe Biden participated in Hunter Biden’s business dealings: Poll | Just The News
  • Good Morning ! Why is voter discovery of 2020 ballots with perfectly filled in ovals a huge problem for 2024? They are a likely indicator of a multi-state counterfeiting operation, something that requires special proprietary ballot software to print because of precinct voting. – Ramussen
  • JUST IN: Harvard Poll Shows Trump CRUSHING Biden In 2024 Rematch – Trending Politics
  • CNN Analyst SHOCKED By Poll Spelling Doom For Biden: ‘Never Seen Anything Like It’ – Election Wizard

Latest polls – all topics

  • It’s been like pulling teeth for 8yrs fighting to get fair, safe & equal opportunity sport for half the worlds population; females! Just getting NGBs to poll their members has been hard. We know when they eventually do it – it comes back in the 90%’s in favour of fair sport first – Sharon Davies
  • NEW POLL: ‘Islamophobia’? Most Voters Don’t Think So, See Through The Ruse ‘Islamophobia’ is “A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.” (Christopher Hitchens) – Pamela Geller
  • Let’s get our FACTS straight: A new poll by the Arab World for Research and Development, a Palestinian research org, finds that 75% of Palestinians support the Hamas terrorist attacks on October 7 Hamas official Ghazi Hamad has said they will repeat October 7-like attacks until Israel is annihilated. “River to the Sea” is a call to genocide and to destroy Israel — ignore any claims that it’s not. If it wasn’t about genocide, they’d pick a new slogan. A two-state solution has been offered to Hamas and Palestinians multiple times — 4 times in the last 20 years alone. Every time, it’s been rejected in favor of more terrorism and more war. The Hamas charter openly calls for genocide and the destruction of Israel. Keeping this charter has repeatedly been what keeps Hamas from making peace. There was a cease-fire on Oct 6 that Hamas broke on Oct 7. In an unprovoked attack, Hamas killed 1,400 Jews; took 241 Israeli, US, and EU citizens hostages, wounded 5,300, and fired more than 10,000 rockets at Israel. Why did they do this? One reason was pure bloodlust, but the other was precisely to invite an Israeli attack, so they could wail and act the victim. Hamas’s entire strategy is to max out victimhood. They commit horrible atrocities so that Israel will beat up on them, and then they complain about how helpless they are and how many civilians are in danger — when Hamas intentionally puts those civilian lives at risk for political gain. There is ZERO moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel. Charlie Kirk

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Business & Money – Whatfinger Daily Section – All sources 24/7

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Biden will face reporters tonight — and the dam could break soon after – Business Insider – MSN Aggregated 😊

‘No Tax on Tips Act’ Introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz – Dallas Express

SCOTUS Tech Censorship Issue Still Alive In Different Case – CD Media

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Biden’s DOJ Says It Will Intervene In Georgia Election Lawsuit To Ensure Election Integrity -You Know What This Means… 

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