Biden admin makes shocking reversal on building border wall - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Biden admin makes shocking reversal on building border wall

Over the summer, the Biden administration reportedly sold off $300 million worth of wall parts for just $2 million. Leading up to the 2020 election, Biden vowed to not build “another foot” of wall, mostly because Trump wanted one. Yesterday, the Biden administration announced they needed to build the wall and waive federal regulations to solve the migrant crisis. Yes: wokeism is a mind virus that takes away all common sense. Yes: the government is the most inefficient and incompetent organization in the world. – Collin Rugg  (see clip below)

Two months ago, I traveled to the Southern Border and caught Joe Biden secretly BUILDING Trump’s wall. His federal officers tried to stop us from filming the reality at the border. We got it ALL on camera before any corporate network. Joe Biden doesn’t want you to see this: – Benny Johnson (see clip below)

  • It took @JoeBiden one invasion, three years, and 7 million illegal entries to acknowledge what America First has known all along. President Trump is right. The border wall works. And If we’re going to protect our families, it needs to be completed. – Kari Lake
  • Biden approves new section of border wall as Mexico crossings rise BBC
  • CNN calls out Joe Biden for building the wall, although he promised he won’t: “Biden made clear that he would not expand the border wall if elected.” – Post Millennial (clip at Twitter)
  • BIDEN SNEAKILY BUILDING TRUMP’S WALL The Democrats and the media criticized Trump’s wall. But now, Biden has made a decision to waive 26 federal laws in South Texas for border wall construction. This marks a notable use of executive power, reminiscent of the Trump era. There has been relative silence in the media and by the administration. Why? The political debate over this decision is fierce: Rep. Henry Cuellar calls the border wall a “14th-century solution to a 21st-century problem” and criticizes it as wasteful spending. Supporters argue that this waiver is a shift in policy, acknowledging the effectiveness of secure walls in controlling borders. Double standards? Or a has Biden finally realized the needs to secure the borders? – Mario Nawfal
  • —NEW AMLO on Biden’s border wall plan: “The proposal that was announced yesterday to allow the construction of wall on the [US/Mexico] border is contrary to what President Biden had been proposing”  Clip at Twitter
  • CNN: Biden administration bypasses 26 federal laws to build additional border wall in South Texas Absolutely amazing how Dems’ immigration views and rhetoric radically changed the second large numbers of undocumented migrants arrived in blue cities: – Glenn Greenwald
  • Oh look, the Biden administration is building the wall (not a joke, it just waived 26 laws to make this happen!) Details here – Not The Bee


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