The Ivermectin smear continues even though it has cured millions world-wid. Big Pharma wants it killed, Get some… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

The Ivermectin smear continues even though it has cured millions world-wid. Big Pharma wants it killed, Get some…

  • Ivermectin safe and effective as part of McCullough Protocol since 2020. Should have be given to all high risk patients on Day 1 at home through the hospitalization – Dr. Peter McCullough
  • They knew Ivermectin was the answer to a coronavirus outbreak. They had done the research in advance. Then they kept it from the public in favour of lockdowns, masks, and gene therapies. Follow for more! – Conservative Justice
  • If we let the FDA’s social media campaign against ivermectin slide, it merely emboldens them, allowing them to have a tighter grip on the doctor-patient relationship going forward. Full interview in comments.  –  Mary T. Bowden (see clip below)

When they try to force vaccines on you, or any Covid restrictions – be prepared for anything, including lockdowns with your own Emergency Med kit – see Wellness Emergency Kit (includes Ivermectin and other essential drugs)  –  Whatfinger Sponsor – that has helped families all over America – Sgt Pat

  • If masks actually worked, they would would’ve been banned… just like ivermectin – Vid clip at Twitter
  • Ivermectin Truth Bomb: “One of the Safest Drugs in History, Even at Massive Overdoses” “You have a better chance of overdosing on mushrooms in the produce section of the grocery store than you do of overdosing on ivermectin!”   See clip below

  • If your doctor refused to prescribe ivermectin during the pandemic, get a new doctor. If your pharmacy decided to play doctor and not dispense it, get a new pharmacy. If you are still blindly trusting the CDC’s guidelines and not allowing for multiple perspectives to help you with informed decision making, your just ignorant.  Don’t believe me? Just read the CDC guidelines that will be shoved into your face by FB at the end of this post that are outdated and not evidence-based. It makes some of my friends crazy when I post stuff like this, but what censorship AND our government has done to us is unforgivable. I’m telling you right now, countless people died because of it. I knew better, and almost every medical colleague I have agreed.  We watched all of this go down in awe. Completely powerless to share evidence or debate opinions amongst ourselves or with our patients. The saddest part was I had medical colleagues that blindly believed everything that was spoonfed to them by Fauci and the CDC that went against so much of what we already knew, that has long since been proven to be fact. So much so that many of our healthcare systems and public service agencies mandated jabs without clinical trials that we can now prove we’re ineffective and harmful. When will everybody wake up?   – Dr. O

  • How many people needlessly died because the media lied about Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin? Not a single one of these liars have been held accountable. Enemy of the People. – Sean Parnell
  • Ivermectin cures Covid in 2 – 3 days. 100%.  Tweet
  • Remember when the FDA ran a smear campaign on ivermectin calling it horse paste? Three doctors brought a suit against the FDA for the professional harm this caused them. The FDA has changed its tune and now states – “The FDA explicitly recognizes that doctors do have the authority to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID.” The doctors who advocated for ivermectin to treat COVID have finally been vindicated and now the FDA is trying to backpedal. They need to be held accountable. – America’s Frontline Doctors – clip (see below)

Get back to that pre-COVID feeling.

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