THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: Whatfinger’s 7 - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED: Whatfinger’s 7

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The voices of the people are being silenced.

MUSIC: The Day the Music Died, Don McLean

SUNDAY – President Donald Trump c/o @bennyjohnson (X)
MONDAY – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. c/o Russell Brand & @KanekoaTheGreat (X)
TUESDAY – Steve Turley (YouTube)
WEDNESDAY – Rep. Victoria Spartz c/o @ACTBrigitte (X)
THURSDAY – Rep. Tory Nehls c/o Forbes Breaking News (YouTube)
FRIDAY – Ultra Maga Marty c/o @Alphafox78 (X)
SATURDAY – Russell Brand (Rumble) @rustyrockets (X)

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