Does Biden Want Kennedy Dead? ‘Joe Biden refused to offer [RFK] Secret Service detail, despite elevated threat assessment…’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Does Biden Want Kennedy Dead? ‘Joe Biden refused to offer [RFK] Secret Service detail, despite elevated threat assessment…’

“I ask you in the spirit of patriotism, of fairness, and of good conscience to grant Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the Secret Service protection that his circumstances so obviously warrant.” —@Dennis_Kucinich , in an open letter today to President Biden.  – Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Biden’s refusal to give RFK Jr. a Secret Service detail is already having dangerous consequences. This fake US marshal was armed and approached RFK at his Los Angeles event Friday. Shame on Biden for playing politics with RFK’s life.  – Paul S

Something tells me this guy pretending to be a US marshal at RFK Jr’s event was up to no good. Why won’t Biden give RFK a Secret Service detail? – Ian Miles Cheong

RFK Jr. has been imploring the Biden administration for Secret Service protection. This is exactly why. – Kyle Becker

Here we have an armed man arrested at a RFK Jr. event — that is, a potentially horrific situation involving the son of the assassinated Sen. Robert Kennedy — and the Biden regime REFUSES to provide RFK Jr. with secret service protection! How dare RFK Jr. challenge the Biden regime and the Democrat Party establishment! And what is their excuse? They provide none! And the vast majority of the Democrat Party media don’t give a damn. Don’t talk to me about MAGA violence when we see this, massive crime in the streets, murder rates skyrocketing, months of deadly riots by the Democrat Party militia, Democrat prosecutors refusing to prosecute, Democrat judges refusing to incarcerate, and on and on. And recall how these reprobates downplayed the would-be assassin he traveled across the country intending to take our Justice Kavanaugh. The party of hate, mayhem and violence is and always has been the Democrat Party – Mark Levin linking to USA Today article

Will the Biden admin give RFK Jr Secret Service? – Daily Caller

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