Migrants on Lampedusa have decided to break out of the temporary asylum center and are now building road blocks - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Migrants on Lampedusa have decided to break out of the temporary asylum center and are now building road blocks

ALARMING The Small Italian island of Lampedusa now has around 12,000-15,000 illegals (up from 10k), but only 6,000 locals The Italians are outnumbered, their home is now COMPLETELY overran We have a slow drip version of this in America, this will mark the end if not stopped. – Wall Street Apes (clip at Twitter)

Italy’s sovereign control of their territory is being lost. Will Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni sit by as the island is taken? More boats will probably soon be launching from Tunisia sending reinforcements. – Wall Street Silver

Chaos in #Lampedusa as illegal migrants from North Africa force their way into Italy and then beyond. This is Globalist policy in action. David Vance

Italian residents in Lampedusa are losing patience with the Italian government: “You journalists say they are refugees, false! They are not refugees!” 98% of the fake “refugees” are young men of military age. They are not coming to Europe to become productive members of society. They are not coming to work in factories. They are not coming to become engineers and doctors. It is time for Europe to wake up. – Wall Street Silver

The European Union’s “plan” is to distribute the Lampedusa migrants throughout Europe. They are not sending them back to Africa. These “leaders” are selling out their countries. Quote: Meloni tells EU to blockade migrants and save ‘future of Europe’ The EU Commission’s chief presented a 10-point action plan to help Italy manage the wave of arrivals. The plan included some short-term measures, such as helping Italy transfer migrants from Lampedusa, moving them to other European countries and helping Italy with the registration and fingerprinting.  – Wall Street Silver

At Rome Termini station, three African invaders arriving from Lampedusa, harass and steal the necklaces of three Italian girls who have just left work. In a few days it will happen in your neighborhood in Europe, get ready, they are coming – clip at Twitter

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