Elon Musk: ‘…where is the media outrage? Now you begin to understand the lie.’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Elon Musk: ‘…where is the media outrage? Now you begin to understand the lie.’

A time is coming when the people will rise. We all know if. We all can feel it. The enemy of freedom has contro9l of the media, but not our hearts and NOT our second amendment and Bill of Rights.   Clip of this attack is the last one below….

Let’s face the fact that Elon sounds so good. Sounds like a champion of free speech and freedom.  Yet at the same time he put a WEF witch to command his company and clamp down on Titter accounts of Conservatives.  So either he is a sellout 100%, or he has a gun to his head by the Deep State.  Steve Bannon says he is 100% a sellout backed by Red China.  I’m still hoping he has a gun to his head and is trying to do what is right but cannot at time. Even though Whatfinger as well is affected by Twitter’s attack on Conservatives.  I just look at it this way, if you were Musk right now, what would you do know the Marxists will by tomo0orrrow 1. Launch SEC probes to take down every company. 2. Arrest Musk for trumped up charges (like Trump) , 3. Have Musk sued by women all over for rape, assault etc…. all women paid by the Deep State to lie,  and who knows what else they will throw at him.  Knowing this, what would you do?   – Sgt A

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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch shows the FOIA obtained vid from attack on Pentagon on Sept. 11. What do you see? – Not what you thought huh! 

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