The police state is here. This movie will expose it all. – Dan Bongino – Fast 2 min clip - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

The police state is here. This movie will expose it all. – Dan Bongino – Fast 2 min clip

As the Marxists and their minions of the Deep State move to turn America into a Marxist disaster where such events can happen to you anytime, as they are NOW TAKING PLACE….. it is almost time to realize that 2024 may very well be the last free election (if it is even free, or tainted like 2020 yet again) in the U.S. pending massive revolution that must happen if Marxism solidifies their position, defeats Trump and brings about their ‘change’.

Watch the teaser trailer for the new @DineshDSouza Film “Police State”, exclusively in theaters October 23 & 25. Tickets and email updates at

More on the movie and also from Dinesh’s other hits to help save this nation from the Democrats and their Marxist insanity sweeping the nation, hurting people in every city and state right now. 

In this episode, Dinesh shows why draining the swamp means reckoning with the administrative state, and three upcoming Supreme Court cases deal with just that. Dinesh examines strategies employed by the left in law schools to get around the Court’s affirmative action ruling. Dinesh considers some recent advice from Peter Thiel about how to start a successful new business. Dinesh examines the opening pages of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago.”  –

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