Liar Busted: ‘Kevin McCarthy has been working hand in glove with the Biden administration.’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Liar Busted: ‘Kevin McCarthy has been working hand in glove with the Biden administration.’

More on this Deep State stooge doing all he can to subvert the Constitution, destroy freedom, hurt the J6 prisoners, not look into voter fraud, NOT DO A DAMNED THING – including NOT impeaching the criminals or allowing Fauci, Comey, Clinton, 51 Intel con-artists, etc to testify.  In other words, the man is lowest of the low. Dare I say, one step above pond scum? – Sgt A. Super Thread on this person doing harm to America every day by inaction, deflection and lying to America.  Super-Thread on this man…. Deep State McCarthy

Your Biggest Enemy Is Within: Peoples_Pundit: Republicans don’t want you to have a seat at the table. They want to go back to lying to you every election. They want to go back to promising things & not delivering then making excuses like Kevin McCarthy on J6 tapes & the border. To Republicans – before you will ever be an effective countervailing force against the Democrat party, you have to address that your biggest enemy is within. – Clip at Twitter 

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, James Comer, and Jason Smith. These are all Republicans, and there are many many more, ready to vote YES on an impeachment inquiry right now. We could see it as early as next week, and I’m demanding it! – Benny Johnson – MTG clip at Twitter  (She is another talker)

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  • Kevin McCarthy… – He sold us out on the debt ceiling – He refuses to hold anyone accountable – He hasn’t helped J6 political prisoners – He is sending our tax money to Ukraine – He lied to us about repealing 87,000 IRS agents on day 1 – He still hasn’t released the J6 video to the public Time for @SpeakerMcCarthyto go. – Gunther Eagleman
  • REPORT: Kevin McCarthy‘s Speakership May Be In Danger – Trending Politics
  • JUST IN: @SpeakerMcCarthy just sent out a fundraising text message today in which he asked Republicans to “complete a 2024 Presidential Survey” which he says his team is “reviewing”. The survey asks people to list who they support as the GOP nominee for President in 2024. @realDonaldTrump ’s name was listed 5th and @NikkiHaley
    was listed first. Even @RonDeSantis was listed before Trump. This is such a disgusting move by Kevin McCarthy who is trying to raise money while simultaneously disrespecting President Trump. Donald Trump’s name should be FIRST, since he is over 45 points ahead in national GOP primary polls, and nobody else comes close. Nikki Haley is polling below 5% nationally. Additionally, this survey never should have even been sent out. It’s SO DISRESPECTFUL to @realDonaldTrump . This is further evidence that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t support Trump. He still hasn’t endorsed President Trump for re-election in 2024! GOP voters don’t like these sleazy fundraising tactics. – Laura Loomer
  • IMPEACHMENT VOTE: Rep. Matt Gaetz predicted forthcoming efforts to compel House votes on impeachment, while delivering a warning to Speaker Kevin McCarthy. MORE: – Newsmax
  • Kevin McCarthy is Mitch McConnell, 7M illegals 4T debt ceiling 86,999 IRS agents FBI’s new headquarters twice the size of the Pentagon No J6 tapes J6 prisoners are rotting in DOJ’s closets Every federal agency weaponized against Trump supporters Robert L. Peters is laughing,  – Clip at Twitter
  • BREAKING: Speaker Kevin McCarthy has confirmed that an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden would happen through a formal vote on the House floor requiring 218 yes votes to initiate the process. @RepMTG confirmed on my show today that she believes House GOP now has the votes. If an impeachment inquiry vote is successful this fall, the investigation period would take months, after which the House would have to call for an impeachment vote. If successful, the Senate trial will be conducted quickly according to Senate rules. This timeline means Joe Biden could be facing a Senate impeachment trial by the summer of 2024. – Charlie Kirk

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