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What is our government hiding in Maui?

Much more below this top clip on Maui and what our government is doing.

After Maui fires, UFC champ BJ Penn says Hawaiians are fed up with government, leftism – Fox News

Head of FEMA says the residents of Maui shouldn’t be expecting any more financial aid any time soon besides the $700.  Ukraine is far more deserving of American tax dollars according to the Deep State. American citizens can go to hell as ‘The Big Guy’ needs his 10%. He must be our first billionaire from grift in the White House, by this point.  – Vid clip at Twitter

Why doesn’t the media or the government want to talk about the 2,000 missing children in Maui? Did they burn to death? Where are they and why aren’t they being included in the official death count if they died? This is very bizarre. This is not normal. Where are the kids?  Laura Loomer

Dear Friends could Lahaina ,Maui be ground zero for the WEF globalist agenda – we need to have a Presidential nominee go there immediately and have a town hall meeting – Give the people a VOICE – they are being betrayed by elected Officials that talk down to them and feel superior – Robert Davi (clip is below)

Maui City Council Attempts To Cut Off Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Fire Victim While Just Asking For Them To Listen To Devastated Resident’s Stories Says They ONLY Care About The Photo Ops w/ “The celebrities, the President, come on. He couldn’t even pronounce names correctly” FEMA called out Says the money celebrities are donating isn’t going to the victims “If this is just a money issue for you guys — Hold a meeting in La Juena Civic Center or wherever they have room for and hear the people, hear their stories, hear their heartbreak, hear their demise. You can turn that off because I’m not going to end until I end and I’m not being disrespectful. You cannot limit the people’s voice to three minutes.” This is devastation. From the day that fire went on here in Honolulu and all the other islands, the people are the ones who got the donations to them, the water, the food, the clothing. Guess what? Continued below the video

Coast Guard FEMA trying to stop us from going in. While the people inside Lahaina is suffering. Yes, we found other ways to get them there and I could go on and on with the people who’s showing themselves on social media. The celebrities, the President, come on. He couldn’t even pronounce names correctly. Why was he here? A photo op or truly for the people? You folks here should be asking the people what they need. Not the representatives sitting in state legislature. The people. Unfortunately, and I’m going to read this real quick, and this goes to the housing authority. Local authority housing or council housing is housing you can live in that is owned by the local authority. No, it should be owned by the people. You have to apply for local authority housing. Your council will assess your needs and decide if you are high priority. Every person in Maui is a high priority right now.

There is tons of land in Maui, why move them to the big island? Now you stress big island people. Now you take away from big island people. There are Maui people who came to Honolulu. I have a friend in here right now, Jessica, who housed Maui people. But yet we got no help. We got no help from the government. But that’s how we do in Hawaii. We help. We take care.” “Please don’t make this a job, which all of you obviously have, besides those that are really trying to fight for the people. Make this your mission to get these people back on their feet. There’s been lots of so-called celebrities saying that they’re giving $100 million, all these millions of dollars. Where’s the money? The money should not be going into Hawaii Community Foundation or any other foundation. That money should be going directly to the people. Do you know that with that $100 million, you can bring in lumber?

And all the people who lost their homes, I guarantee you, majority of the men were construction workers. They can go in. Hawaiian Homestead, I’m on the list. I’m on the top of the list. Hawaiian Homestead, they do a self-help building, which lessens their mortgage. Why not do that? Pull these guys in. Bring their morale back up because they just lost everything.” This is a long video I encourage everyone to watch it. I only transcribed a small portion because of X’s text limits 

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  • All around the world, fake wildfires are being orchestrated by the globalist elite to poison our air, water, and soil, and redistribute property into the hands of the elite. Maui was just the beginning. These terrorist tactics are now being rolled out across the world. – Illuminotibot
  • Hawaii Governor Josh Green’s top priority to deal with Maui? … (sound on) “Don’t use social media. Get off your phone. We are the one source of truth that you can rely on. If you didn’t hear it from us, it didn’t happen.” I don’t know what exactly happened in Maui fires. But the fact that the governor is most concerned about social media talking about it, as opposed to helping the people who lived there, that is telling you a lot. – Clip at Twitter  – Pretty sure close to NO ONE trusts him or the Democrats and Deep State on this


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