Rich Developers Are Taking Advantage Of Maui Residents. Jesse Watters Has This Excellent Open… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Rich Developers Are Taking Advantage Of Maui Residents. Jesse Watters Has This Excellent Open…

Maui residents say they’re being evicted so landlords can cash in and they’re highly suspicious of the Democrat governor of Hawaii signing an emergency housing proclamation 3 weeks before the fires. They say rich developers are the ones winning here, not them.. To make matters worse, FEMA is having their workers do a course on white supremacy, while Maui residents grapple with all they’ve lost and a county that failed them (see full open below)

Democrats blame Maui fire on global warming, but residents sue the electric company for intentionally starting the fire. Democrats are so ridiculous they pull out Dr Death Fauci and his perv buddy John Podesta who are all of the sudden climate experts – Mischief

Less Than 24 Hours After The Lahaina, Maui Hawaii Fires The Community Came Together To Help Those In Need This isn’t FEMA. This isn’t the US Government. This is local residents and visitors on the island. FEMA was too busy blocking supplies coming in and turning around civilian boats attempting to bring essential items like food and insulin in and the Maui City Council was too busy holding press conferences letting everyone know they wanted to buy the land. They were also making secret deals with developers during this time. – Wall Street Apes

WHY ARE LAHAINA RESIDENTS BEING ARRESTED FOR VISITING THEIR OWN HOMES? Joseph Toakala of Lahaina was arrested by Maui Police for “violating rules and orders” from Mayor Richard Bissen by entering a “restricted area.” This has been a CATASTROPHIC failure of government by every measure, and the government has done NOTHING to make a single thing better. WHAT DOES THE GOVERNMENT NOT WANT RESIDENTS—NOR US—TO KNOW? – Nick Sortor

DEVELOPING: Official cause of the “Deadly Maui Fire” CONFIRMED Maui County puts full blame on the Hawaiian electric company not following emergency wind procedures However, the electric company denies BLAME, says they followed all protocols. Who’s lying? My latest XclusiveE – at Twitter (Fast clip) 

Meanwhile Floridians who are getting hit with a Hurricane have contaminated fuel. And Maui has burned to the ground. But sure, let’s send more money we don’t have to Ukraine. Our elected officials hate us. – Laura Loomer

Why are they are STILL slow-rolling Maui deaths? 115 confirmed dead, hundreds still missing. When will they update the death toll? What are they hiding? – Charlie Kirk

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