Remember all this the next time you are asked to comply with farcical, unjust “laws” made by dictators. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Remember all this the next time you are asked to comply with farcical, unjust “laws” made by dictators.

When arguing in federal court in HI in 2020, I had to get permission from the governor to enter his precious state to argue that his silly COVID lockdowns violated the Constitution. I lost. This same state, in real life, has shown how little respect for life its leaders really have. My perfectly healthy clients were not allowed to travel from one island to another to visit their own property. American citizens were turned away at the airport because they got the wrong COVID test on the mainland.

The hotel gave me “parole” from the one way card key rule only to do my legal business and leave. I could not call an Uber or take a taxi at the airport. The National Guard met me at the gate to escort me to Hawaii COVID immigration to provide my information, which they verified with the hotel. I was to keep my phone on at all times so that they could track my location. This same police state didn’t turn the water on in Lahaina, didn’t have sirens, can’t begin to tell you how many children died from their incompetence. Or begin to explain it. Remember all this the next time you are asked to comply with farcical, unjust “laws” made by dictators. They are lying when their lips are moving about how much they care about you and your little life and your paper constitutional rights. Americans are beginning to realize how much we are on our own. Such a betrayal.  Harmeet K. Dhillon

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  • Our Fellow Citizens in Hawaii are in an abusive relationship with the Democrat Party and like many abuse victims, they have remained loyal to their abuser and are in denial, (hopefully that’s changed). Their support has been taken for granted. The Democrats they’ve elected have finally shown how little they truly care. In fact, they’ve all revealed their true Colors. They are grifters, parasites and cowards whose conduct cannot be blamed on TRUMP.  Lily West
  • That last paragraph just hits different. Many were so willing to give up their rights… and for what?! This whole catastrophe in Hawaii is unfathomable on so many fronts. – Liberty Belle

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