Tom Renz -‘Biden wants to lock us down again based on same fraud… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Tom Renz -‘Biden wants to lock us down again based on same fraud…

The world has been misled and now #Biden wants to lock us down AGAIN based on the same fraud so he can force more modRNA (not mRNA) vaccines. They accuse #Trump of RICO violations for opposing 2020 while the #FDA #CDC #Pfizer & the rest have colluded to lie about these poisons for several years now resulting untold numbers of injuries reproductive issues… Tom Renz

HREAD: Jesse Watters Exposes Embarrassing COVID Stats That The Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Last year, President Biden announced, “The pandemic is over.” But now the media is warning of a COVID “comeback” this fall. But how much of this should we take at face value?  Vid clip at Twitter

TRUMP WAS RIGHT ON COVID MORTALITY WHO & CDC lied through their teeth when they claimed 3.4% Covid mortality rate! It was closer to 0.35% when random testing of the local community was conducted by epidemiologists. Go down the rabbit hole in the thread below to see how Fauci knowingly misused the PCR Test to promote panic. Watch videos of the inventor of the PCR Test (d. Sept 2019) calling Fauci out years ago for misusing the PCR Test by using too many cycles and misreading the results. The spread of the disease is always exaggerated by conducting too much testing.  RKH  

THREAD: The COVID crisis was something I will never forget. We did *ACTUAL* journalism through the entire thing. WE attempted to get information about lifesaving treatment to people. WE informed EARLY on the shot. Here is a thread of some of the articles you may have missed.  Tracy Beanz

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