Designed To Bankrupt the U.S.: Illegals coming in get $2200 a month. Democrats Destroying America - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Designed To Bankrupt the U.S.: Illegals coming in get $2200 a month. Democrats Destroying America

The scum of DC are doing this to bankrupt the nation. Remember this as they are not stopping. They think they will steal another vote. They think the Deep State will let them do as they please. They think they will try their Covid BS this week or the fake Climate Change BS next week.  What they don’t get is even Democrats have had it. Hell, they are now even losing Hawaii, a Deep Blue state.  ONLY FAKE BALLOTS AND MACHINES will help the Democrats in elections all across the nation. So the traitors of the Republican Party, Low lives like Gov. Kemp of Georgia, are the true enemy of MAGA and freedom, even worse than the Marxist Dems.

Oh, and look how easy it is to get in….and right on welfare.

NEW: ‘Floodgates’ at the border wall in Arizona are left wide open as illegal immigrants are appalled at how easy it was to get into the country. Meanwhile, the Biden administration just sold off $300M worth of border wall parts. “It was so easy to get into the US. Nothing like our journey through Mexico,” said one illegal. “That part was hard. I thought there was going to be more security.” “We thought the agents were going to tell us something,” said another. “But we just walked in.” We are the laughing stock of the world. – Collin Rugg

Americans get $700 for the #Maui disaster, illegals get $2200 a month here, and Ukrainians get their pensions paid by our tax dollars. That’s just a taste of this interview. Watch it all.

Colonel Macgregor explains it all to Tucker in last night’s episode – see below

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