Col. Douglas Macgregor blasts Ron Desantis on foreign policy. More from this Patriot…. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Col. Douglas Macgregor blasts Ron Desantis on foreign policy. More from this Patriot….

Colonel MacGregor’s final words with Tucker were very interesting “We’re going to have to be pushed over the cliff into the abyss, and I think that’s where we’re headed.” MacGregor feels that the People cannot be told, they must be shown in order to change. Very intriguing.  Clip at Twitter 

Powerful Closing Remarks From Colonel Douglas Macgregor During Interview With Tucker Carlson “This is the problem. It is America Last on every level. The last people who are consulted, the last people who are benefitting from anything that goes on in Washington are Americans. This can not go on. It’s got to end, and I think it will end. But unfortunately, it’s like everything else, we’re going to have to be pushed over the cliff into the abyss. I think that’s where we’re headed.” Columbia Bugle

If you missed the excellent Interview – 

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  • Doug Macgregor has been a consistent, insightful contrarian voice on the war in Ukraine. Fascinating interview with Tucker Carlson.  JD Vance (whole interview is linked)
  • Americans Have Been Badly Lied To (Again) — This Time About The War In Ukraine – Ron Paul 
  • Colonel Douglas Macgregor: “All of the lies being told for more than 1-1/2 years that the Ukrainians are winning, the Ukrainian cause is just, the Russians are evil, the Russians are incompetent…all of that is collapsing.” 400,000 soldiers lost. –  Sweatpea  92 min 43 sec clip at Twitter from Tucker’s interview
  • Tucker Carlson And Colonel Douglas Macgregor React To That Lunatic Trans Ukrainian Spokesman Tucker Carlson: “There’s something so perfect about that. The convergence of every ugly anti-human trend in modern life.” Colonel Macgregor: “Is that a transgender person?” Tucker Carlson: “That’s a guy with fake breasts, yes.” Colonel Macgregor: “That’s interesting. Well, I think everything else is fake too. We estimate that at least 60,000 children from Ukraine have disappeared, vanished since this war began. Where are they? What about all of the women that have been sold into prostitution that once lived in Ukraine? This war is a catastrophe. The people bathing in blood are in Kiev and Washington, not in Moscow.” –  Columbia Bugle – 3 min 28 sec clip from Tucker

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