Remdesivir: Fauci pushed remdesivir. People died all over the U.S….. from his ‘work’ - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Remdesivir: Fauci pushed remdesivir. People died all over the U.S….. from his ‘work’

Fauci appointed the panel of “experts” who decided only costly drugs like remdesivir could be used to treat COVID. Did you know they all took money from its manufacturer? Our doctors need to think critically and stop blindly following corrupt guidelines. – Dr. Kory 

Super-Thread on this drug Remdesivir….   What all Americans need to know

Remdesivir Stopped Kidney Function in ‘Covid’ Patients — So Why Did FDA Approve It for Kidney Patients? – David Icke (article)

Shocking Ruling On #Remdesivir – Manufacturer And Hospital Not Protected By Law “In a historic ruling, a judge in Michigan decided on August 8th that the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act does not shield a drug manufacturer and a hospital in the case of a man who suffered two strokes and had to undergo a leg amputation due to receiving remdesivir, a COVID-19 medication that was contaminated with glass particles.”  Judy Morris

Remdesivir Protocol to “treat” COVID-19 — a sequence in which a patient is isolated in the hospital, bullied into taking remdesivir, ventilated & then sedated to death. – Children’s Health Defense

The federal government paid hospitals a staggering 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill of patients treated with remdesivir. They rewarded hospitals with more money for patients who died of COVID-19 instead of those who were healed. – Children’s Health Defense – read this article – Remdesivir Stopped Kidney Function in COVID Patients — So Why Did FDA Approve It for Kidney Patients? – CLICK HERE

Something wrong with our country. Trying to kill our own citizens left & right. All part of communist takeover of USA. Communists don’t value life. They mass murder to establish fear, intimidation, crisis, chaos & control. –Wayne Root – linking to American Thinker article

REPORT: Top COVID ‘experts’ including Dr. Anthony Fauci and former NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins cashed in on $325 million through royalty checks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Is it starting to make sense? Over 1,500 pages of unredacted records have been released by transparency organization OpenTheBooks, showing how America’s top COVID ‘experts’ were the real winners during the pandemic. The release of the records were stonewalled by the NIH but they were eventually handed over, showing that 58 vaccine royalty payments were made to Fauci and Collins. Prosecute / Fauci.  – Collin Rugg

Even if you refuse to take this drug, they will give it to you if in the hospital.  They get paid to give it to you, and you live or die with the results. ZERO respect left for doctors in America. Marxism has taken over most of the medical establishment.

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  • Some analysts think Remdesivir kills up to 20,000 people a month or more. If so, multiply that number times the number of months in 2023, and that is the number of people that could have been saved if James O’Keefe, Karen Kingston, Bob Malone, or Project Veritas would have taken notice of my reporting on Jordan Walker resurrecting Remdesivir as the Standard of Care with the Remdesivir in January 2023. – George Web Investigations
  • The Angel of Death Blocked Ivermectin, HCQ and Vitamin D – while pushing Lockdowns, masks, Remdesivir & and experimental genetic injections. – Craig Kelly – linking to Townhall article
  • Those of us that resisted medical tyranny were gaslighted. We rejected the vaccine and based on past revelations we resisted Remdesivir. We rejected even going to the hospital and that’s sad. The most fearful thing about getting Covid-19 was the thought of going to the hospital and being treated with their protocol. That’s why I called a Frontline doctor for a different protocol. Remdesivir was supposed to save lives but instead it killed kidneys. But Covid was put on death certificates and hospitals made $$$.  Joy Reaper
  • If ivermectin was the approved drug for Covid in hospitals instead of Remdesivir countless lives would have been saved. Who is to blame? The FDA Our government Big Pharma – Dr. Dawn Michael
  • Three reasons Ivermectin was blocked by Fauci, Gates, WHO, DOD, WEF, CDC, FDA and the Media. 1 – No declaration of a Pandemic if known successful treatments. 2 – No EUA for experimental mRNA injections never given to humans. 3 – No EUA for the killer drug Remdesivir. – Truth Justice
  • John Beaudoin’s research on death certificates in Massachusetts showed multiple deaths linked to COVID vaccination had not been declared, COVID vaccines had increased mortality, and the launch of remdesivir coincided with a substantial increase in deaths. – Doctors for Covid Ethics
  • Not only did Fauci make part of $325 million in royalties — these payments came from companies and entities in China and Russia. The more people took drugs Fauci helped develop the more money he made. It was in his financial interest to hype COVID. – Peter S linking to NY Post

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