This trial goes nowhere. Trump liked this guy’s 3 min vid so much he pinned it on top at Truth Social. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

This trial goes nowhere. Trump liked this guy’s 3 min vid so much he pinned it on top at Truth Social.

Remember just a few years ago when we had a real President, that loved America, worked for the people and not to be a corrupt low life paid off by our enemies.

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  • Timeline of Biden/Hunter Criminal Investigtons and Trump Indictments.

    Biden family and Hunter Biden laptop revelations vs Trump first indictment.
    March 16 2023: House oversite committee reveils Biden family payments from Chinese energy company.
    March 18 2024: Trump says he will be indited New York.

    Second indictment:
    April 4 2023: New York DA Alvin Bragg indictes Trump in hush money case.
    June 7 2023: Bribery allacations and plea deal vs Trump second indictment.
    FBI releases documents alleging the Biden took bribe from Bursima.

    Third indictment:
    June 8 2023: Jack Smith indictes Trump in Mar-A-Lago documents case.
    July 26 2023: Hunter Biden sweetheart deal reveled.
    July 27 2023: Jack Smith adds more charges to the Mar-A-Lago indictments.
    July 31 2023: Deven Archer testifies that Joe Biden was on 20 phone calls with Hunter’s business partners.
    Aug 1 2023: Jack Smith indictes Trump on the January 6th case.

    Fourth indictment:
    Aug 14 2023: GOP releases transcript from FBI agent envolved in Hunter Biden investigation.
    Aug 14 2023: Later Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis charges Trump and 18 others in 2020 eleection probe.

    Coidence? Don’t think so. Senile little girl fondling Joe Biden and the slimy, lying, cheating, crooked DemocRATs are trying every dirty trick they can think of to keep Trump from running for President. Fighting all of these charges are costing Trump huge amounts of money. They are attempting to make it finacially impossible for Trump to campaign. Go online and contribute to Trump’s fund. WE MUST RETURN TRUMP TO THE WH TO SAVE THIS NATION FROM THESE TRAITORS.
    www dot donaldjtrump dot com

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