Beautiful clip. Father and daughter… When and how does a baby’s love begin? - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Beautiful clip. Father and daughter… When and how does a baby’s love begin?

When and how does a baby’s love begin? The truth is that your baby begins falling in love with you even before you meet, becoming aware of (and learning to prefer) your voice during the final months in utero. (It may feel strange, but seriously, talk to your bump.) After birth, the attachment process begins in earnest. Your engaged and responsive caretaking, your tenderness, your smiles, your kisses, and even your smell draw your newborn closer and closer. And there is NOTHING your baby loves to look at more than YOUR face.   Their adoring gaze is a sign of your secure attachment.  But make no mistake, your face is also your baby’s most important teacher.   Your baby studies you carefully – looking for clues about your emotional state (which informs what theirs should be), how you form language, and so much more.  I’ve rarely seen a video that capture’s an infant’s love/attachment as beautifully as this one from TheRiceFam4Life on TT. Those eyes tell you all you need to know about the special bond this one has with her father. Just beautiful.

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