Tucker EXPOSES Pelosi January 6th Set-Up, Feds DESTROY Evidence! GOP Subpoena - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Tucker EXPOSES Pelosi January 6th Set-Up, Feds DESTROY Evidence! GOP Subpoena

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In case you missed it, here is the FULL interview by Tucker

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund names names about who denied his requests to bring in the National Guard leading up to January 6th: SUND: “I was denied by Paul Irving, House Sergeant at Arms and also Mike Stinger, Senate Sergeant at Arms.” TUCKER: “Who do they work for?” SUND: “Pelosi on the House side… and then McConnell on the Senate side.” TUCKER: “Ahh.” – Townhall  – see vid below

You know what’s really great? MORE people will now see this new Sund interview on Tucker’s show here on X than would have seen the original Sund interview on Fox News. Nice Streisand Effect going on here. Plus Fox News had editorial control over the original Sund interview; over the new Sund interview on X, they have NONE. They can’t edit it or leave out certain parts. Tucker has total control.  Brian Cates

Oh look, a lying piece of you-know-what….

Fox refused to show the original Tucker interview of Steven Sund because it exonerates not only Trump, but the vast majority of the January 6th protesters. Fox is in bed with the Deep State and Uniparty to frame Trump & MAGA for January 6th when in fact it was Pelosi & McConnell. IYH

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