Democrat Militant Antifa To All: Mess with us we will destroy you. Courts WILL NOT protect you. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Democrat Militant Antifa To All: Mess with us we will destroy you. Courts WILL NOT protect you.

The Violent arm of the Democrat Party is willing to commit any crime to defend the destruction of the United States. Like the former Democrat terror group , the KKK, Antifa has the support of Democrat – Marxist courts all over America.

BREAKING: Journalist @KatieDaviscourt‘s car was ransacked while she covered Andy Ngo‘s Antifa trial today in Portland Windows shattered, items stolen. And she was not parked near the courthouse Antifa threatened her inside the courthouse too – Jack Posobiec

A Portland jury has sided with Antifa activist John Hacker and Elizabeth Richter, who doxxed Andy Ngo at a protest in 2021 and caused a large group to chase him, beat him after he hit his head on the sidewalk, and attempt to break into a hotel he was hiding in. The suit started in 2020 after an incident in 2019 when he was hit in the head with a milkshake and suffered a concussion. The lawyer for the Antifa members proudly stated “I am Antifa” at the end of the trial. Would you feel safe living in a city like Portland now that you know you can be attacked without consequences?  Travis

The court was played video showing Antifa defendant Elizabeth Renee Richter threatening to beat me worse than what I suffered in the June 2019 Antifa attack in which I suffered a brain hemorrhage & nearly died. The jury saw video of her rallying comrades & pointing me out at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. Evidence about her spoiling evidence by deleting or hiding damning videos/posts from the attack wasn’t allowed to be shown to the jury. Further hidden secret communication she had with co-defendant John Hacker (retrieved through a police subpoena) was also excluded from view. The court learned which alias accounts she operated on Twitter. Andy Ngo – Post Millennial

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  • Jury nullification. Deep blue areas will convict the innocent and free the guilty. This ruling is legalized lynching and open season on all conservatives. – Cernovich
  • Antifa member Tracy Molina, who has an extensive criminal record, is outside the courthouse for Andy Ngo’s trial. She made a series of threats towards Andy Ngo earlier today. “He will never be free from me.” – Katie Daviscourt
  • In Ngo v Rose City Antifa, et al., the court learned that co-defendant John Hacker admitted to identifying me to another person verbally shortly before I was accosted & then chased & beaten by black bloc Antifa militants. He claimed to not know the identities of the black bloc people who were recorded communicating and walking with him. His side objected successfully to the jury learning about co-defendant Richter’s private, undisclosed communication to him expressing appreciation for his “spotting” people. – Andy Ngo – Post Millennial

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