Voter Fraud Reminder: Biden ‘won’ PA by how many votes? 81 Million votes my a*s as the song goes… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Voter Fraud Reminder: Biden ‘won’ PA by how many votes? 81 Million votes my a*s as the song goes…

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Before the 2020 election, Joe Biden openly boasted about the election-rigging that would take place. Unconstitutional changes to mail-in ballot laws in swing states. Election workers caught processing ballots from hidden boxes after telling poll watchers to go home. Zuckerberg boxes that favored blue districts. Big Tech collusion to engage in mass suppression of Trump supporters. Media censorship of stories that would harm Biden’s chances, such as banning the Hunter Biden laptop story, which 51 former intelligence officials knowingly lied was “Russian disinformation.” All was on the table to ensure the ‘fortification’ of the 2020 election. And here was Biden, blurting out the ugly truth about it all, just like he had done by threatening the Ukrainian prosecutor who was poised to find out about Hunter’s family bribery scheme. The Democrats don’t even hide that they are ripping America apart.  Continued below the vid

The party knows the media and the “fact checkers” will cover for them and help spread their lies. After all, the media did it for Hillary Clinton and her “Russia hoax,” which was the weaponization of Russian disinformation in an effort to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency by falsely framing him as a traitor. The Democrats always accuse others of what they are actually doing. It is a diabolical political trick. But millions of voters keep falling for it, no matter how many times they are exposed for doing it. The Bidens and their cohorts are now accusing their rival Donald Trump of a “conspiracy to commit election fraud” after engaging in the biggest “conspiracy to commit election fraud” in U.S. history. Now, the Democrats are engaging in blatant election interference by threatening to jail Biden’s chief political rival based on unprecedented distortion of U.S. law. All the while, they are accusing those who call them out on their blatant fraud of ‘election interference.’ America better wake up to this dangerous political game fast or any hope for free and fair elections in the future will become lost.  – Kyle Becker

Deep State dictatorship – All Judges ordered to not allow evidence ever. NOT ONE COURT HAS ALLOWED VOTER FRAUD EVIDENCE TO BE SUBMITTED.

TRUMP: “This means we cannot ever criticize elections, once that happens you have tyranny”

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