Another Conspiracy Theory Proven True. Pfizer gave employees ‘special’ batches of vaccine to protect them - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Another Conspiracy Theory Proven True. Pfizer gave employees ‘special’ batches of vaccine to protect them

See a longer clip from the below session…. below this top clip.  Might make you scratch your head.

Meanwhile they and Marxists in government did all they could to force people to get multiple shots, so…

German MEP, Christine Anderson: Governments around the world used outright psychological warfare—targeted even at children—to terrify their populations into submission with Covid tyranny, in a way that was globally coordinated. “In Germany, there was a manual on how to get the people to do what the government wanted them to do to adhere to these restrictions. They outlined [that] even though kids are at no risk of Covid, we have to make them afraid [that] if they catch it, and then they infect their grandparents, they’re responsible for having killed their grandparents.” And the exact same techniques are now being used to terrify everyone into submission with Net Zero/climate tyranny. Wide Awake Media (clicp is below as well) 

Dave Smith on the CDC’s Annual COVID Vaccine Recommendation for Kids “I don’t know that the government is purposely trying to harm children. My belief would be something more along the lines of, they don’t care if they do.”  Chief Nerd – vid clip at Twitter

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