O’Keefe: My full interview with Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fauci, Fear, FBI… - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

O’Keefe: My full interview with Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fauci, Fear, FBI…

More from and about RFK recently….  knowing how the CIA had his uncle, President Kennedy killed, plus his father, you have to admit the man has balls of steel against the Deep State and Big Pharma. The most powerful people just want him defeated, as they do not see him as a real threat. They want Trump hurt, as evidenced by all of their fake charges and witch hunts in multiple states.

RFK Jr: “Lockdowns created a new US billionaire per day… In 500 days we moved $4 trillion to the super-rich.” Hannity: “In retrospect, in the early days we didn’t know what we were dealing with. Let’s be fair.” RFK Jr: “I’m not going to be fair.”  Fast clip at Twitter

RFK made Hannity look like the Deep State fool that he is. 

Plus, RFK has all the right enemies. Like this Deep State character that is backing DeSantis.

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  • RFK Jr. calls for a ‘REAL’ investigation into Biden’s foreign business schemes –RSB Network
  • RFK JR. JOINS LANDMARK LAWSUIT AGAINST THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S RAMPANT SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP – ‘EVERY ACT OF CENSORSHIP HAS TWO CLASSES OF VICTIMS’ #RFKJr This is HUGE. “On Wednesday, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (D) announced that his lawsuit filed against the Biden administration for violating his and others’ First Amendment rights by censoring their speech has joined Missouri v. Biden, another case that is accusing the Biden administration of violating the Constitution in censoring conservative voices. RFK filed the complaint against the Biden administration in March of this year, listing a number of officials within the Biden administration…” – DC Enquirer linked – Judy Morris
  • RFK JR ON BIDEN: “I think the issues are now coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation… these revelations where you had Burisma, which is a notoriously corrupt company that paid out, apparently, $10M to Hunter and his dad” – Fox Clip – ALX posted – Twitter

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