WATCH: Seemingly ‘INJURED’ Jan 6 Capitol Police officer walks around … UNINJURED?! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

WATCH: Seemingly ‘INJURED’ Jan 6 Capitol Police officer walks around … UNINJURED?!

This man testified against Trump supporters in many trials. This man has caused many harsh sentences with his lies. Jan 6th was a complete fake job as we now all know.

Capitol Police officer Aquilino Gonell has claimed he was brutally beaten by Trump supporters in the January 6 Capitol riot. But new footage released by the Epoch Times appears to show Gonell walking around in the Capitol after the riot with no indication of any injury. Journalist Julie Kelly joins Glenn to review the footage and explain what she believed actually happened. Plus, she lays out why she believes another Jan. 6 committee is necessary: “January 6 is ground zero for turning the war on terror…against conservatives.”

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