PANIC! – Paul Joseph Watson on the fake temps, fake climate change BS hitting - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

PANIC! – Paul Joseph Watson on the fake temps, fake climate change BS hitting

Much more below on the now global climate change scam the Left is trying to pull to destroy all business and freedom in every nation.

Scottish broadcaster, Neil Oliver, eloquently rebuts the mainstream media’s relentless “human-induced climate change” fear mongering. “A rising volume of CO2 in the atmosphere is a consequence of a warming planet, not the cause of one. You might as well watch a horse-drawn cart and conclude it’s the cart pushing the horse.” “And notice too that CO2, by boosting plant growth, turns the planet fertile green, not angry red.” – Wide Awake Media (see clip below)

Man, 71, charged with setting massive Yosemite park fire initially blamed on climate change – Cernovich

In this clip from 1992, the world’s leading climate grifter, Al Gore—whose climate change alarmism has since amassed him a net worth of over $330 million—gets absolutely schooled by Rush Limbaugh, in a way that’s just as relevant today as it was thirty one years ago. – See the clip – Twitter

Isn’t it paradoxical that the biggest climate change alarmists are all buying seafront villas? – Dr. Simon Goddeck

Never fall for the propaganda again. Win any debate on Climate change with the clips and stats and info in the following: Climate Hoax

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  • “If we get further away from the Sun it gets cooler, and if we get closer to the Sun it gets warmer. No legislation, from Canberra or from the UN, can change the orbit of the Earth.” Ian Plimer Climate Change isn’t about the weather, it’s about control.  DD Denslow – fast 52 sec clip
  • This is an outright LIE. The propaganda surrounding climate change is outrageous. People are just not buying it. – DD Denslow – see paper below

  • Hilary Clinton is now blaming Trump supporters for Climate Change Oli London
  • The rich use climate change as an excuse to wage war on the middle class. They fly around in private jets demanding a standard that widens the class divide— while masquerading as heroes. They’ve dropped the pretense: *We’re better because we can afford it—because we’re richer.* – Batya Ungar-Sargon
  • Biden Regime Escalates War on American Consumers in the Name of ‘Climate Change’ — Announces New Scheme to Eliminate ‘Outdated’ Water Heaters – Gateway Pundit
  • Are those fires in Canada due to arson? We had some global warming activists start fires in California to prove manmade climate change was happening. The media happily reported on the fires while downplaying it was ARSON. Cernovich

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