‘Trusting the experts is not a function of science. ‘ RFK Best clips to see. He is good! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

‘Trusting the experts is not a function of science. ‘ RFK Best clips to see. He is good!

RFK’s FULL opening statement is on the bottom of this post – you should definitely see that….  Sgt Pat

Corrupt former DNC, chairman Deborah Wasserman Schultz, an accomplice with the Awan Brothers in stealing both money and data from the US house, computer system wants to censor RFK from a censorship hearing. Why isn’t this woman in jail?  Roger Stone – clip he linked in post

RFK JR TO STACEY PLASKETT: “Virtually every statement that you just made about me is inaccurate… These are defamations and malignancies that are used to censor me to prevent people from listening to the actual things that I’m saying” – Watch the clip

Democrats wanted to censor RFK Jr at a censorship hearing today. They threw every smear in the book at him. He was attacked by his own party, for doing what Kennedy’s have always done: having vocal opinions. Democrats don’t like that because they want to protect Big Pharma at all costs. They censor and smear people like you, me or RFK Jr and then big corporations, like Pfizer, get rich off of us. A Kennedy asking questions is the Democrats’ biggest nightmare. – Jesse Waters – Fox Clip

This is the same woman who tried to silence RFK today, asserts that Russia interfered in the US elections, and still claims the ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective. It’s consequently no surprise that @StaceyPlaskett met with Epstein several times.  (Vid clip)

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  • ‘Defamations’: Dems pile on RFK Jr. as racist, antisemite after censorship hearing disinvite fails | Just The News
  • President Trump on Whether He Would Have RFK Jr as His Running Mate “No, but people have suggested it…there are a lot of people suggesting it…I’ve known him over the years. He’s a smart guy and well-intentioned.” – Chief Nerd – fast clip where Trump called in to Newsmax
  • Rep. Cammack: “We are 100% trying to censor [RFK Jr] because one side doesn’t agree with his comments. So in a weaponization hearing about censorship, the Left is trying to censor which I think is absolutely crazy.” Fast 16 sec clip – Post Millennial
  • WATCH: Rep. Stacey Plaskett attempted to smear and slander RFK Jr. for anti-Semitism, racism and “malinformation” during his sworn testimony before Congress. RFK Jr. continues to outclass and outsmart his Democrat detractors, which is exactly why they are working to censor him. – Charlie Kirk – clip at Twitter
  • Remember when MSM and the Democrats lectured us how COVID targeted black and brown people disproportionately? Well now Rep. Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands says it’s racist and “malinformation” for RFK Jr. to say similar things now. DC is clown show. – Charlie Kirk – clip of this fool in Congress

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