COUNTRY MUSIC SONG BANNED! Media Freakout Over Lyrics About Democrat-Run Cities! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

COUNTRY MUSIC SONG BANNED! Media Freakout Over Lyrics About Democrat-Run Cities!

If you want to find where black folks are living in the worst conditions, violence, drug problems, and crime you can guarantee that it is a democrat run city! They enable this! Free needles, crack pipes, soft on hard drugs so people can’t get clean in jail, tons of handouts, leftist “activists” suing the city when they try to clean up the trash and relocate folks, lowering standards for black Americans and telling them they are oppressed. Yes, there is personal responsibility for living like this, BUT when your own government is encouraging and enabling degradation, addiction, and an impoverished lifestyle that makes it a lot harder to rise up! These democrat run cities are only getting worse and we all know it! – 1776

This statement by a Soros-backed D.A. illustrates why Democrats should not be eligible for elected offices above Dog Catcher. Please read & memorize what Ms. Pamela Price said to CBS News. Until that mind set is thrown out, cities run by Democrats will be crime-ridden cesspools!

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  • Democrat-controlled cities like Philadelphia continue to embrace soft-on-crime policies that have made the city unsafe. These policies protect violent criminals rather than law abiding citizens.  RSC
  • The democrat communist party votes for fellow comrades and then they complain about the outcome of what they voted for. I say they need to reap what they sow meaning they have to live with it and not move to another city or state and infect it too. Researcher
  • All have Democrat Controlled City Governments for Decades!!! … All cities of any size that have like leadership has become Crime Infested Cities with Failing School Systems and Shrinking Populations…. The Democrat lead White House is leading America on the same path…. David Mattina

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