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NEW: Biden Regime Wants to JAIL Trump Before Elections! Trump Statement!

See Trump’s statement below this top vid by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. MUCH more below on this witch hunt, just out.  The Leftist DOJ is an abomination.

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  • Former President Trump claims he received a letter Sunday from Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith notifying him that he is a “target” in the agency’s investigation of the January 6 Capitol riots, indicating he could face his third round of charges since leaving office. – Forbes Clip
  • Donald Trump says Special Counsel Jack Smith has informed him he is a target for J6 related charges. The Biden White House is interfering in the 2024 election. It’s disgusting what Joe Biden has done to America. – Charles Downs Clip
  • The DOJ has Georgia SCUM moving against Trump as well – Fulton County DA Fani Willis arriving for selection of grand jurors, some of whom will consider charges against former President Donald Trump for his alleged election meddling after Georgia’s 2020 election. – Fast clip – shows you how desperate these Marxists are
  • Biden’s corrupt DOJ will arrest and indict Trump again – this time on bogus J6 charges – to try to stop him from running from President ever again. They are gleefully destroying our country – on purpose. Their evil knows no bounds. – Monica Crowley
  • And the Low Lives At MSNBC Shall Speak: “There was such arrogance from Trumpers, from Trump, that he’d never be held accountable. Justice would never find its way to him, perhaps… But at the very least, he will be held to account to speak for his actions.”—@JoeNBC on Trump‘s potential charges in Jan. 6 probe – Morning Joe Clip 

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