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Twitter Begins PAYING Its Creators, The Woke Left Is PANICKING

Imagine being a lib and paying $15k on Old Twitter for a blue check, posting daily for years and making no money, refusing to pay Elon Musk $8 for a blue check mark and then realizing you could have made thousands of dollars by just paying the $8. Must be a sh*tty day for the Twitter 1.0 blue check libs  – Collin Rugg

Someone said it’s a mistake for Twitter to pay top creators who drive the highest engagement on its platform, as that would lead to low-quality tweets. I strongly disagree. If you try to manipulate people and do not build trust and credibility, people will see through it and leave. If your tweets are interesting, relevant, based on truth and facts, and if you encourage meaningful conversations, people will notice it, and your followership will grow. The people who follow you won’t mind if you receive a cut from the ads being paid to Twitter for your work, as that would make you more efficient and focused. Advertisers go where the people are and abandon where no one is.

They want to sell their products and services to human beings. It’s similar to athletes. If they win and attract more people to the stadium and television, advertisers advertise more, and they make more money. If they consistently lose, people stop watching, and they can’t attract top-quality players. Almost every person you watch on television is paid in a similar manner. It’s a vicious cycle: people watch, you attract advertisers who are after the audience, and you make more money. With more money, you attract high-value anchors, pay them more, and they perform better, attracting more viewers and generating more revenue.

If nobody watches, advertisers don’t come, and without ads, you make less or no money, eventually leading to closure. The only exception is if you’re a state-run news outlet paid by the government with taxpayers’ funds to spread propaganda. Even then, when people notice excessive propaganda, they stop watching and turn to networks that broadcast the truth. The bottom line is that there is nothing wrong with giving a small cut to the creators who drive engagement on the platform. Those who will ultimately make more money are the ones trusted by the people, and nothing else matters. People are aware and can identify it. Simon Ateba 

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