The Left Has Completely Warped Their Little Minds. Trans BS Against America, Common Sense - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

The Left Has Completely Warped Their Little Minds. Trans BS Against America, Common Sense

More Trans Insanity below this top clip…

Austin Kilips, the man who recently took first place in two female cycling competitions (in the first, he beat the female runner up by 5 minutes) is blaming the “right wing cabal” after trans athletes were banned from competing against women. He’s stated that “no one should be denied the opportunity” to compete, despite the fact that he isn’t banned from competing, but now has to compete in a more fair category, the “men’s/open category”. HUGE Win for the protection of women’s sports! – Savannah Hernandez

Women are being systematically erased all over the world. This is the ultimate misogyny. Men pretending to be women and replacing real women in every walk of life. Governing bodies (run by men or pretend men) are not just allowing it. They are supporting it! Multiple attacks on women, women’s spaces, and women’s rights all by trans activists. Women’s sports are being destroyed. Women’s rights are being violated and destroyed. This is NOT okay! –  William Mycroft Buckmaster

There is no such thing as a trans kid. The trans child is a pharmaceutically-constructed demographic of children who were told that they are living in the “wrong body.” Their parents are convinced that if they do not medicalize their child’s perceived identity before adulthood, they will hurt themselves, or worse. This a statistically proven lie and gaslighting to the fullest extent. It must stop. – Gays Against Groomers

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  • This Dude, who masquerades as a female, now embraces #Trantifa …. A group who believes you should be maimed, silenced or murdered if you are critical of Trans ideology. Juanita Broaddrick
  • Transgender cyclist Austin Killips, who has won 1st place in a number of women’s professional cycling races, has slammed the UCI decision to ban trans athletes competing in the female category. “No one should be denied the opportunity to chase the same joy that I and others than found through racing.” Despite Killips claiming the new rule denies trans athletes from competing, the rule actually allows them to still compete but in the Men’s/Open category. – Oli London

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