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Leftist Twitter Clone Threads is Dying…. What a shame…lol

BREAKING: META’S TWITTER CLONE DYING A FAST DEATH Usage of the app falls drastically, faster than anyone expected: 1) Daily Active Users dropped from a peak of 45 million when it launched on July 6 to 28 million on July 13. That’s approximately 38% lower. 2) Time spent per user has tanked from 20 mins on July 7 to around 5 mins by July 11. That’s a 75% reduction in usage over 4 days! During the same period, Twitter metrics remained virtually unchanged. The exodus many feared yet again did not materialize. On Friday I tweeted “on Tuesday and Wednesday, the app’s daily active users (the metric that matters) were down about 20% from Saturday, and the time spent per user was down 50%, from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.” These numbers were concerning for Meta at the time, and today things have gotten a lot worse.

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This is getting embarrassing for Meta as their app is fast becoming a background download that hardly anyone uses. This is the exact concern many voiced: Some of Instagram’s 2.3 billion users will download the app, yet no one will end up using it. I stand by what I think are the main reasons for the Meta app flopping: 1) CENSORSHIP: Meta’s experience is fundamentally different to @elonmusk‘s vision for Twitter due to their excessive and biased censorship, impeding one’s right to Free Speech. 2) PREMATURE APP LAUNCH: The app’s experience is a VERY bare-bones version of Twitter with limited functionality, limited features and, in my opinion, a very ‘meh’ experience. 3) BRIDGE FOR INSTAGRAM USERS TO JOIN TWITTER: I predicted that Instagram users who download and use the app, and actually enjoy it, will then migrate to the ‘Real Thing’, and that’s Twitter.

However, I don’t think POINT 1 even had time to materialize as all users left the app due to POINT 2 Also it’s still to early to assess my third prediction, however I doubt we’ll have to wait long. Interesting to see in the chart below, Instagram’s Daily Active Users even dropped slightly while Twitter remained unchanged  To me, Meta’s failure shows how sticky Twitter is and the strength of the platform’s community, a bullish sign as Elon and the team work on expanding the ecosystem into ‘X’, the EVERYTHING APP. DO YOU AGREE? WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON ELON’S TWITTER SO FAR?

By Mario Nawfal

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