You might be a pedophile by MTG – Marjorie Taylor Greene -Plus new song MTG - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

You might be a pedophile by MTG – Marjorie Taylor Greene -Plus new song MTG

Below is the latest release of the MTG song, under this Pedo focused clip where MTG destroys Democrats, Biden…. We like what she says, and the song too, but isn’t it interesting how certain people want us to forget how she is now betraying MAGA every chance she gets? She supports Deep State McCarthy in NOT helping Jan 6 defendants, NOT looking into voter fraud, NOT sending a subpoena to Fauci, Brennan, Comey, 51 Intel con artists, who else? EVERYONE promised….. so yeah… she sounds so good.  ALL TALK and talk and talk,  and the months just fly by and still NOTHING but talk and talk…..  so here she is sounding AWESOME, and I am getting sick of it already as it is ONLY talk, and talk and talk.  – Sgt Pat

“It was a blast filming this video and I’m proud of @ForgiatoBlow47 ‘s support of my Protect Children’s Innocence Act.” Read the full story: – Newsweek

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