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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Creepy – This man has made us a joke all over the world

Why has Biden always been creepy & insane? From a 1974 profile. – Tom Elliott (see below)

The entire world is grossed out and laughing at creepy and senile Biden. ‘President Joe Biden isn’t just confused, he’s creepy! Would YOU have him over to babysit the kids? Either way, I’m troubled. This confused and increasingly sinister man should be nowhere near, a Wendy House, let alone the White House! Creepy Joe, has got to go.’

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  • Biden, in his creepy whisper, once again repeats the debunked lie that he “lowered the deficit $1.7 trillion in the first two years.” The Washington Post gave him a “Bottomless Pinocchio” for that lie. – RNC – VId clip
  • CreepyBiden Interaction With Small Child Ignites Firestorm: ‘What The F*** Is Wrong With This Man?’ – Larry Elder – Links to Daily Wire
  • Tim Pool and crew react to Joe Biden‘s creepy interaction with a baby in Finland: “That man needs a leash.” – Post Millennial
  • Dementia Biden can’t talk or walk without assistance, but Creepy Joe loves sniffing and groping kids.(By Tucker Carlson Originals) How TF did we end up with this guy as pResident !? – Top Secret – Vid Clip of clips on Twitter

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