Democrat Pervert Epstein On Video With Young Girls - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Democrat Pervert Epstein On Video With Young Girls

Video footage shows Prince Andrew waving goodbye to a young female from inside Jeffrey Epstein’s home, then Jeffrey Epstein is seen leaving his home being escorted by a young female (2010) Prince Andrew seemed to be at the center of the underage child sex trafficking investigation but just like with everything the FBI gets involved in that has to do with the elites, the investigation just disappears like magic.

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  • As evil of a person as he was, I don’t know why I expected any less or why that specific thing stuck out to me as much as it did. Letting her shiver while he’s in his big coat is basically the cherry on top for Epstein at this point – CharlotteGood42
  • 1st: Katherine Keating. The middle daughter of former Australian PM Paul Keating 2nd: Anouska De Georgiou. A British teen model – Chad
  • The dark haired older girl is Katherine Keating, daughter of the former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating. Note the blonde younger girl is freezing, Epstein is wearing a massive ski jacket – Hotbots – Guardian article linked

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