Disney COLLAPSES As Parents REFUSE To Attend Park & Woke Movies Lose 300 Million & Counting! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Disney COLLAPSES As Parents REFUSE To Attend Park & Woke Movies Lose 300 Million & Counting!

Worse numbers than the lockdown! Bravo to all readers, spread the word… Get Woke, Go Broke. They can’t force us to spend our money.

Woke Disney will not admit Conservatives are staying away from them, causing financial strain and layoffs. Damn shame.  KABOOM—Disney Boycott by MAGA Broader , Deeper Than Business Media Wants to Admit…  More below this top clip

Seriously Disney and their Hulu – WTF! – – – –   (I Cancelled my Hulu which I actually enjoyed until I found out Disney was the owner – Sgt K)

THIS is Disney and why we will never go back

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  • The Disney Boycott is working! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep it up. Shame on any mother or father who would dare allow their child to be exposed to the groomers at Disney. If you see parents promoting Disney, shame them! – Shane Schaetzel
  • I’m so proud I started this all. I’m “the Godfather of conservative boycotts.” My book “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” in 2021 made Disney the #1 target. Lost billions since then! Wayne Root
  • I BELIEVE IT IS TIME TO BOYCOTT DISNEY EVERYWHERE… The Disney agenda isn’t hidden. They don’t even try to hide it. They are targeting children and support pedophilia and Satan worship and they throw it right in your face. Lillian (clip – Twitter)
  • Throughout history,it’s been evident that good always emerges victorious against evil.Choosing to stay silent places you inadvertently on the side of evil. It is essential to speak up and make your opposition known particularly when it comes to protecting children. Boycott Disney – Phoenix

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