They don’t even hide it. – Paul Joseph Watson - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

They don’t even hide it. – Paul Joseph Watson

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  • So since they’re saying fitness is right wing extremist. What do you think will be next? Eating steak and eggs? Not being afraid of the sun and walking outside shirtless? All healthy things? Chace Chambers
  • Working out is now white supremacy.” — MSNBC – Kyle Becker
  • From the same people that brought you “Working out is white supremacy…” – AP4 Liberty
  • OMG actually taking care of yourself physically is a right wing white supremacist thing now too? Seriously, someone behind a keyboard just invented “working out is Nazi racism” just to feel better about not ever working out
  • Working out is white supremacy and now ring cameras are racist. Anything else left out there that is not racist or doesn’t smell of white supremacy? – Hot Air

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