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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

PROOF: Democrats are The Real RACISTS

More on Democrats and their racist policies. It is they who started the Civil War, had slaves, and it was the Republicans who defeated them and ended slavery. Now their racism is getting out of hand once again…

  • I hope you are having a fabulous weekend, folks.  Lord knows you deserve it.  You’ve been subsidizing the Democrat Party’s insane and destructive agenda, have put up with their condescending attacks and racist rants against you, have to protect your kids and grandkids from them, and watch the doddering old fool who inhabits the Oval Office — aka, the Manchurian president, and his classless family and friends, sell out our country and crap all over our White House.  You’ve earned a fabulous weekend — enjoy it! – Mark Levin
  • Biden Regime Opposes Merit-Based Military Promotions in Favor of Race Democrats are hurling us back to a race based society. We defeated them in the civil war-how were they allowed to triumph? And SCOTUS just rule that racist policies are unconstitutional – Geller Report
  • Call It What It Really Is. It Is Racism Against White People By The Democrats – Mark Dice Vid
  • Democrats/liberals/Progressives lie about “affirmative action”…to make it sound nice and fair. It’s not nice or fair. It’s nasty & ugly. It’s RACIST. It rewards people with crappy grades & test scores simply because of color of their skin – Wayne Allyn Root

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