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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Jesse Watters: Joe Biden is a fraud. Obviously Deep State Fox allows them to still attack Biden

Jesse Watters was next in line to be fired along with Maria Bartiromo. He knows to not dare challenge Paul Ryan and the Deep State. If they can fire Tucker just for daring to tell the truth on Jan 6th and Trump, they can easily fire him as money isn’t what it is about. It is all about dominating the narrative and making sure all news people do as they are told.  So now he was obviously given the go-ahead to keep up the pressure on Biden, as the Deep State is looking like they want him to leave soon so the next Democrat they have face-off with Trump isn’t quite as senile and corrupt. They can fake millions of votes, and have and will again, but another massive Trump victory like when Biden ‘won’ this next time will not work in their favor as more and more Marxist measures are adopted and we are all still armed.

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  • Biden is the definition of a Marxist oligarch.  A fraud and hypocrite to the core. – Mark Levin
  • The RNC, the Trump Campaign, almost every Republican state party chairperson believes the road to 2024 electoral victory is to “out-ballot-harvest the left.” It’s hard to argue with absolute nonsense. – A Man Of Memes
  • WTH?! Remove Biden from the White House. He is a total fraud and embarrassment for this country. He displayed a gay flag on White House and now cocaine in the White House!! IMPEACH BIDEN AND KAMALA! Reinstate the legit President and save America from this horrible mess of corruption and fraud! – Warrior Renata

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