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Can a man get pregnant? Harlem vs Columbia Univ answers. lol

Who says a man cannot beat a woman at being a woman? Next you’ll tell us something crazy like men cannot get pregnant. – Conservative Dude  (see below)

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  • Everyone knows that men cannot get pregnant. Which means anyone saying otherwise is purposefully lying and being disingenuous. These are bad people that cannot be trusted. – Layah Heilpern
  • ‘Lowrey boils her views on feminism down to a few key ideas: men cannot get pregnant, lesbians don’t have penises and that biological sex is real.’ – College Fix
  • There is a “whole of government” effort by the Biden administration and a “whole of culture” effort by the Left to promote men pretending to breastfeed babies, men pretending they can get pregnant, the genital and chemical mutilation of minors (and adults), etc. This isn’t a traditional policy debate, it is demonic and dangerous. – Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch

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