Joe Biden is 100% Bought And Paid For By Red China – Confirmed millions! - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Joe Biden is 100% Bought And Paid For By Red China – Confirmed millions!

The FBI has recordings of the bribes. See second clip below

Investigative journalist Garrett Ziegler of MarcoPolo501c3 – after going through entire Hunter Biden laptop: “The worst thing on the laptop is the corporation with the Chicoms… We have it down to the wire-transfer number of the millions of dollars that the Bidens were paid by confirmed associates of the Chinese Communist Party.”

WHO WOULD EVER HAVE GUESSED THAT A PERSON WHO CLAIMS TO BE SO UNITING AND DECENT LIKE BIDEN WOULD take bribes and use pay-to-play to become obscenely wealthy? Patriot Post

Comments – Threads and Links

  • The DOJ is protecting the Bidens by disregarding a level of corruption that would get any republican President impeached, removed from office, and criminal charges after that. – Jericho
  • Hunter Biden prosecutor received October 2020 briefing on claims Joe and his son received $5 million each in bribes: Republican Senator demands to know why damning FBI memo wasn’t investigated – Daily Mail
  • General Flynn breaks down the Hunter WhatsApp messages and believes the Bidens were getting bribes and kickbacks to give China and Ukraine access into the US government. “We have bribery, and definitely high crimes, and probably a range of misdemeanors. So Biden needs to be YANK (Vid clip from last week)
  • Did you know that Biden not only had a secret private international phone line, but was also using private emails under pseudonyms? Particularly in his dealings with Ukraine. Why is no one investigating this? It all ties in to the influence peddling, bribes, and money laundering (see below)

  • You, Joe Biden, have NOT invested in America. You and your family have only invested in yourselves, through influence-peddling, bribes, and corruption the likes of which our republic has never before seen in a chief executive. Susan Kennedy
  • Stay on this, Chuck! You & Senator Ron Johnson are crime investigator heroes! You have the corrupt DOJ in your sights! Stick with it! – Daniel F. Baranowski
  • It’s not hard to be hypocrites when you accept foreign bribes, support pedophiles, hide Epstein’s list, inappropriately touch children, support war for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex, support CRT, BLM & Antifa… Your Biden Administration, works for themselves. – Generalisimo ‘Dictator for Life’ Bidenski
  • “So far, only Miranda Devine at the New York Post has reported on this. The rest of the legacy corporate media is doing everything they can to choke the life out of the story. But it’s about as close to a smoking gun as you can get.” – RD Carrington – Spectator Article

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