Leftists FURIOUS As Sound Of Freedom Shatters Box Office Expectations, We Are Winning - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Leftists FURIOUS As Sound Of Freedom Shatters Box Office Expectations, We Are Winning

MUCH more below, including clips from Tom Fitton, more…. Sound of Freedom” is trending because the Left is angry about a movie that exposes the sex trafficking of children.

  • Did you know that the United States has the number-one demand for child exploitation material and is in the top 3 for destination countries for children who are trafficked? Millions of children are trapped in sex slavery. I saw Sound of Freedom and it’s mind boggling how the Left is minimizing this issue. It was eye opening, educational, and very moving. Will be doing a full movie review shortly. GOD’s CHILDREN ARE NOT FOR SALE – Libs of Tik Tok

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  • BREAKING: President Trump holds meeting with Mel Gibson and Roger Stone after Sound of Freedom tops box office – Jack Posobiec – Post Millennial Article
  • Look at how they talk about Sound of Freedom vs. Cuties One movie is about ending child trafficking and the other sexualizes kids The media is the enemy of the people – Hodge Twins  (see below)

VS how media presents – – – – this trash, in our opinion

  • BREAKING: I am told Sound of Freedom is in discussion with theaters having A/C issues this hot weekend and they are working together to make sure everyone gets to see this movie Theaters are standing tall and continuing to show the film, despite the massive media attack machine! – Jack Posobiec
  • Why do the Pedo-Marxists condemn the movie #SoundOfFreedom? John McCain’s wife Cindy explains that the Elites were involved with Jeffrey Epstein and everyone knew…and did nothing. It’s true that we’re all living in Nations ruled by Blackmail. This is how the WEF/UN/WHO operate. Liz Churchill
  • Here’s what they won’t admit Entire media calling Sound of Freedom a QAnon film but ignores the fact that it was made in 2017-2018 before QAnon really even got going I know why they’re doing this, just had to point it out – Jack Posobiec
  • Rolling Stone Writer Who Mocks ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Locks Down Twitter Profile Amid Backlash – Gateway Pundit

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