Philadelphia Moving Company Owner: “Crime, Taxes, Freedom, People Are Just Leaving The Northeast” - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Philadelphia Moving Company Owner: “Crime, Taxes, Freedom, People Are Just Leaving The Northeast”

Everyone is escaping Marxism and Democrat rule in the Blue States. The ONLY people staying are those on the public dole, or those that have to stay for the time being.

  • You see these massive jumps in traditional flyover states. This is explained by wealthy people leaving the metro areas. They didn’t all come to Florida (just most of them), but the blue states are bleeding.  See below…


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  • What fool decided “Bidenomics” was a good campaign slogan? Are they going to focus on businesses leaving Blue states b/c they cannot operate where the crime is so high, or the massive hit small businesses have taken due to Democrat policies, or the cost of everything due to – In God We Trust
  • Yes, the mentally ill are staying in/moving to blue states and the normies are leaving those states. – Chase Gamwell
  • “Forty-six million people moved to a different ZIP Code in the year through February 2022…The states that gained the most, led by Florida, Texas and North Carolina, are almost all red…” The blue state exodus and fleeing Dem policies is VERY real. – John Cardillo

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