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Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

It’s a mystery. Sure – Paul Joseph Watson

Below is our Biden Super-Thread of the day. The worst, most corrupt family to ever infest the White House. – Sgt Pat

  • This is why they’re saying nonsense like “we’re unable to specify whose cocaine” If it’s proven to be Hunter’s, it would violate his DOJ plea deal & he goes to federal prison for a long time – DC Draino
  • Now you can do coke in the White House . Who dropped coke in Biden’s house? Was it Hunter? The Biden Administration family crime ring continues with the feds having his back. – Vernon Jones

  • Brian, trust and believe, you’d rather discuss this than the Biden policies. This is bad. The policies are worse. Hunter sniffing coke is the least egregious thing to come out of the Brandon Admin. – Tomi Lahren
  • People are like – why would you assume this is Hunter’s cocaine! And I’m just here like, I don’t know…how many people snort coke in the White House? – Tudor Dixon

  • Hunter is a coke head Hunter can enter the White House w/ fewer security precautions than other visitors He just left w/Joe Biden for Camp David this weekend The coke was found this wknd Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here – DC Draino

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