Democrat Chicago: Lawless Hellhole? - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Democrat Chicago: Lawless Hellhole?

What is going on in Chicago?!  The Democrats are doing all they can to destroy the city and increase crime and the homeless. Remember the public admission as to why and never forget why THEY ALL do this in all cities: They will use their control over the media to push for the creation of a National Police Force (Green Militia was the last name tried just 2 years ago in HR1) –  Crime out of control that they caused, no worries, we will have the ‘community’ step in. This group guaranteed will be run by their current terrorist shock troops – Antifa.  They can then move on you all over America, Give us your guns’  Get it….  it is coming if we let. If they steal another election, revolution comes to America in more ways than one.

ELECT A CRIMINAL, EXPECT CRIME. “The mob of violent teens immediately began jumping up and down on vehicles, damaging rooftops and hoods and breaking windshields, before they fanned out to enter and terrorize local businesses.” – Serenity (Breitbart News article linked)

  • MOSTLY PEACEFUL: 75 shot, 13 dead, in Chiraq this weekend. ABC 7 Chicago

Still Winning: TOP 10 MEMES


‘It’s Over’ – Last Independence Day!? U.S. Colonel Goes DARK in Bone Chilling Disclosure!

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