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Ron Paul: No One Wants To Join The ‘Bud-Light’ Military

Can you believe recruitment is down? What could cause it?

A recent Wall Street Journal article outlined the serious recruiting crisis in the US military. It’s getting so bad that even among military families there is strong pressure for the next generation not to sign up. Why does no one want to serve anymore? Could it be the same “woke” virtue-signaling that is destroying major brands like Bud Light and Target? Also today: Ukraine under pressure to make failed counter-offensive work in advance of NATO summit.

So many reasons NO ONE wants to join the military in the U.S. – and they are ALL WOKE LEFTIST BS, brought on by the Marxists, Democrats and Woke nut cases all over.

Is letting men who identify as women to take showers with female soldiers even if they didn’t transition fully not helping with military recruitment? – CBN

One of the reasons military recruitment is so low is because our Government just spent 20 years screwing over an entire generation and lying to us. Selling us a future that doesn’t exist anymore. Give me one good reason why I should convince someone I actually care about to join. Iraqveteran8888

Veterans are pushing their family members — who represent an overwhelming majority of new recruits — away from military service, deepening U.S. armed forces’ recruitment crisis, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Nearly 80% of new recruits have at least one family member with a service record, but these family members are increasingly questioning whether the potential costs of military service — which include rising rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide and a reliance on welfare programs — are worth it when compared to a career in the private sector, particularly following the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, the WSJ reported. The military has faced significant criticism from GOP lawmakers over its focus on “woke” initiatives, which they say prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and deepen the recruiting crisis by alienating potential recruits. Just 9% of Americans aged 16-21 expressed a willingness to consider a military career in 2022, down from the pre-pandemic norm of 13%, the WSJ reported, citing Pentagon data. Recruiters are facing the twin challenges of both historically low fitness eligibility and interest among young Americans, and the deepening crisis has led the Navy this week to begin having recruiters work six-day weeks in an “all-hands effort” to boost recruitment.

The Navy utilized an active-duty drag queen — Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, stage name Harpy Daniels — as a “digital ambassador” from October 2022 to March 2023 in a bid to “explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates,” a Navy spokesperson told the Daily Caller New The lowest-ranking service members make less than $2,000 per month, and while this may be offset by the military paying for food and housing, some 20,000 active-duty soldiers are currently on food stamps, the WSJ reported. Various service branches are issuing large bonuses both to new hires and experienced veterans in a bid to boost both recruitment and retention. “To be honest with you it’s Wendy’s, it’s Carl’s Jr., it’s every single job that a young person can go up against because now they are offering the same incentives that we are offering, so that’s our competition right now,” Sgt. Maj. Marco Irenze of the Nevada Army National Guard, told the WSJ. – David Croom

Comments – Threads

  • Joe Biden’s WOKE extremism is completely DESTROYING our military. Recruitment is PLUMMETING and they’re still doubling down. Keep the anti-American politics OUT of the military!! Ronny Jackson
  • Good to know that a suicidal fat slob is the new standard for military recruitment – Jordan Schachtel
  • US Army has recruitment shortfall; may miss recruitment goal over next 2 yrs by 28,000. Now discharging 60,000 troops that haven’t gotten the COVID “clot shot.” Are they purposely trying to degrade our military so we can’t stand up to China? DJ Koza (linked CNN article)
  • The military‘s apparent solution to rebounding recruitment: legal immigrants – VOZ article

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