Conspiracy Theory And Fact Thread Of The Day – Man, they make it hard to not know the truth. - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Conspiracy Theory And Fact Thread Of The Day – Man, they make it hard to not know the truth.

Today’s Conspiracy Theory – and Conspiracy Fact thread. So many already proven real. You will be shocked at what is below.

YouTube and other Deep State controlled media actually will ban and flag your account if you dare to mention it. Even if THJEY mention it, you are not allowed to. It is as if we are already a dictatorship. The Left thinks so.

As I write in my latest piece for American Greatness, recent revelations about PFAS manufacturers DuPont and 3M raise the disquieting possibility that so-called “conspiracy theorists” are actually right: the fertility crisis is, in a meaningful sense, deliberate. My general response when people ask me whether I think there is a deliberate plan to reduce the birth rate, has always been to say that I think the fertility crisis is an accidental byproduct of new industrial processes, especially plastic manufacture. We have a lax approach to the introduction of new chemicals and industrial processes, and it just so happens that many of the chemicals associated with the manufacture of plastics are vicious endocrine disruptors. However, internal company documents obtained from DuPont and 3M during PFAS litigation show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these companies knew 50+ years ago that their products were hugely toxic to animals and humans and did everything they could to hide this fact from regulators, the media and the public. The toxicity of PFAS, including severe endocrine-disrupting effects, only began to be established in the scientific literature in the 1990s. So for 30+ years DuPont and 3M were dumping massive quantities of PFAS into the environment and allowing their workers to be exposed to these chemicals, knowing full well at least some of the potential damages, including reproductive harms, this would cause. This is why, if Trump is serious about getting to the bottom of America’s health problems, his Presidential Commission will need to have legal power to prosecute individual and especially corporate actors for their role in the health crisis. Corporate malfeasance is clearly one of the reasons Americans are so unhealthy and unhappy today, and it’s clear to me that if we start flipping over stones, we’re going to find other examples that are just as egregious as what DuPont and 3M have done. – Raw Egg Nationalist

I bet you didn’t know that the Deep State low lives can see where you are in your home – like radar – seriously!

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