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Russian Revolution – It is real. Putin Addresses the nation on the Rebellion

Revolution called off?  Latest…

Russian President Putin states that, “We faced Betrayal, Exorbitant Ambitions led to the Betrayal of Russia,” further stating that Orders have been given to the Russian Military to do what needs to be done and Neutralize those who are Responsible for this Armed Rebellion.  For clips and more see below Putin’s speech

The FULL speech by Putin, Translated

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has accused the Wagner mercenary group of treason during his televised address on Saturday.

  • Democrats are now learning what an *actual* insurrection looks like in Russia And they’re…cheering it on (?) Even though the Wagner group has *slaughtered thousands of Ukrainians* Do they have any core principles? Or do they just follow the CNN laser pointer? – DC Draino
  • I truly believe the US Government is working with the CIA to stage a coup in Russia to oust Putin so that Joe Biden can campaign on toppling Putin in 2024. Just seems like this is all coordinated so Biden can take credit for ending the Ukraine-Russia war and pretend to be a hero. The US government is the biggest terrorist organization in the world. Laura Loomer
  • Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who has a substantial military, has ordered his troops to surround the Wagner mercenaries currently occupying Rostov – Tweet with Vid

This clip sums up the situation – citizen confronts Wagner in the occupied city of Rostov

  • Medvedev called the goal of the rebellion PMC “Wagner” the seizure of power in Russia “ Obviously, this is a well-thought-out and planned operation, the purpose of which is to seize power in the country ,” he said when asked by journalists to comment on the situation with the Wagner PMC. Medvedev added that the development of events shows that the actions of those who organized the military rebellion fully fit into the scheme of a “staged coup.” – Sprinter

Intel: Rybar is reporting that Russian Aviation Assets including Helicopters and Fixed-Wing Aircraft are currently Targeting a number of Wagner PMC Convoys in the Voronezh Region that attempting to Advance up the M-4 Highway towards Moscow. Osintdefender

Elon Musk says this is the best coverage – As the coup continues, here’s the latest updates from our various sources live on the ongoing Twitter Space: – Worries of the Russian Nuclear Warheads moved to Belarus weeks ago – Wagner forces continue their advance to Moscow with limited strikes by the Russian Air Force – Reports of Putin and other officials leaving Moscow and heading to Saint Petersburg based on the movement of Military VIP aircrafts. TASS, which is Gov controlled media outlet, reported that Putin is heading to Saint Petersburg, but Putin’s Press Secretary refuted those reports. It is very unusual and rare to see such a disconnect between TASS and the Kremlin. MY THOUGHTS: – This is a military coup, we can no longer dispute this, and things are moving VERY rapidly and are not looking good for Putin. – We are seeing limited military clashes, showing likely defections among Russian forces – Almost EVERYTHING right now can’t be verified and should be taken with a grain of salt (THIS IS AN EVOLVING STORY. UPDATES BELOW IN THREAD)

Putin is still popular in Russia…

  • The Russian-Appointed Governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov has stated that, “The Crimean People and Security/Military Forces across Crimea are with President Putin.”
  • Sources within the Wagner Group have stated that “Putin made the Wrong Choice” during his Speech and that soon Russia will have a New President.

Roughly 180 Russian Soldiers and Security Forces at the Bugayevka Checkpoint in the Southern Voronezh Region are reported to have Refused to Fight against the Wagner PMC Group and subsequently Laid Down their Arms.

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