Biden Administration Shredded By Media, Narratives Breaking And Biden Is Getting The Boot - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

Biden Administration Shredded By Media, Narratives Breaking And Biden Is Getting The Boot

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  • Any journalist in this country who is not chasing down the Hunter Biden coverup story as laid out in Shapley and other whistleblower testimony is a fraud. This makes Watergate look like kindergarten play. – Miranda Devine
  • What you missed during the Russian Civil War: – Hunter Biden received a $5.1 million payment from a Chinese communist party linked firm days after threatening a Chinese businessman with his fathers power. – An active shooter unwilling to surrender is currently in Weirton, WV. – The SCOTUS upheld the ban on encouraging illegal immigration. – A more severe form of Covid 19 is rising rapidly in China. – SCOTUS just ruled that the Biden admin can choose not to deport illegal immigrants – Border Patrol has noticed a huge surge in Russians and Chinese personnel attempting to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. – Travis
  • Rep Tim Burchett: “Hunter Biden is just a Dirtbag (Vid clip)
  • Meghan ‘My father’ McCain calling Hunter Biden “nepo-baby” scum is next level hypocrisy. – Tweet – clip
  • Now that we have seen Hunter Biden’s threatening message saying he was sitting by his dad when demanding payment, remember this Joe Biden voicemail about Hunter’s China business dealings. “I think you’re clear,” Biden said about @nytimes article Clay Travis Thread

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