DIRE WARNING! Trumps Life Is In Danger & You’re Being Setup!! – Restricted Republic - Whatfinger News' Choice Clips
Whatfinger News' Choice Clips

DIRE WARNING! Trumps Life Is In Danger & You’re Being Setup!! – Restricted Republic

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Amazon Alexa Hears “Racist Remark” & SHUTS DOWN Man’ Entire Smart Home For A Week!

Trump Indictment Song – Heading to NUMBER 1 – so many truths in this…. Sgt A

Fired for Not Being Gay – Mark Dice

Lockdown 2.0 Is Coming Soon: Are We Already Conditioned for Another One? London Real with Dr. Robert Malone

Greta: 10 days Left Until Humanity is Wiped Out! Global Warming Scam, 97% of scientists lie, all you need… Global Warming Hoax: Carbon Dioxide has nothing to do with temps. Shocking clips… Keep this link and use with ANYONE who dares tout the Marxist, Democrat lie of temps rising. Only 1 degree since 1630 folks…. most of that before industry. The lie exposed in multiple clips.  – Sgt Pat 🔥

Get back to that pre-COVID feeling.

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